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Premium Custom Deck Builder

From the al fresco dining experience to thriving foliage, a deck space adds value to your home and lifestyle.


A wise investment needs a deck designer to realize this dream space, more so a premium custom deck builder that maximizes your budget and explores the potential of your outdoor space. Delta Decks Toronto is a reputable decking company that offers comprehensive decking services covering clients at the heart of Toronto and surrounding areas.

Advantages of Custom Deck

  • Our decking contractors design and build decks that are uniquely fitting to your needs and preferences.
  • We help you decide on the best construction and materials that are within your budget.
  • Maximize the potential of your space from tight to expansive.
  • As a premium custom deck builder, Delta Decks only provide excellence in every project.
  • Our experienced decking contractors offer a wide range of services which makes it convenient for either building a new deck or enhancing an existing deck space.
  • From deck permits to maintenance, you can rely on our certified custom deck builders to help you along the way.

Composite Deck Builder

Timeless and practical, composite decking ensures greater durability and less maintenance. Our experienced deck contractors will guide you from planning to installation, making sure your substructure is structurally sound, and materials are only sourced from reputable suppliers.

Ipe Deck Builder

If you’re looking for the organic look and feel of wood Ipe Deck is a popular choice you can delve in. Our deckbuilder company is all too familiar with the great advantages of the Brazilian Walnut. Strong and beautiful, the exotic material is resistant to rot, mildew and insects.

Rooftop Deck

Popular than ever, having a rooftop deck is certainly a treat as well as a practical space to add to your residence. Delta Deck contractors make sure that building codes, safety, and preferences are covered.

Cabana, Pavilions, and Pergola Builder

Why settle for less when you want to build a cabana or pergola for your outdoor space? As a premium custom deck builder, Delta Decks makes sure you’ve got the best design that fits your preferred theme, or it matches your existing architecture with durability in mind.

custom deck

Pool Decks

There are a lot of premium deck materials to choose from and a plethora of design options. Make building and designing your pool deck much easier.

Deck Designing

We are the only business in the greater Toronto region capable of creating in-house, highly detailed, bespoke 2D and 3D construction and shop drawings. Our drawings are sufficiently detailed for permit applications, engineering reviews, and client visualization. Drawings give the precise information needed to comprehend the project’s appearance and construction process. Once construction begins, having a strong set of correctly drawn drawings makes the project go more quickly.

Contact us today to know more about our Delta Deck services. We can also provide free consultation and quotation and become your deck company. See decking companies near me.


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