Why is Steam Cleaning Preferred Than Other Methods of Carpet Cleaning?


A beautiful and clean laid-out carpet enhances the look and feel of a space. They cover most of the flooring space and are easily noticeable. Both homeowners and businesses consider a lot of things before investing in the carpet. From the looks and functionality to maintenance and durability, a lot of thinking goes on before buying the carpet.

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Maintenance is a vital part because nobody wants to spend their weekends cleaning dirty carpets. So, homeowners go for carpets that are easy to clean, low maintenance and durable. But low maintenance doesn’t mean the carpets won’t require cleaning. Stains and grimes can make your carpet look unappealing, and even if your carpet is new, you need to clean it to remove the stains.

But Which Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Well, first, it depends upon the carpet type. Carpets made of soft fibres require gentle cleaning methods. If you have one, then absorbent powder carpet cleaning is the ideal method. The absorbent powder carpet cleaning method is often called the dry cleaning method as little, or no water is used. In this method, the cleaner sprinkles a specially formulated powder over the carpet and lets it sit for some time. When the powder comes in contact with the dirty carpet, it attracts the accumulated soil and absorbs it. Most of the absorbent powders also absorb pet urines and odours. The cleaner then uses a buffer machine to work the powder into the carpet, and the residue is then vacuumed up. But the problem with this method is that the fine granules of residue may be left on the carpet and cause odour problems. So, it’s not completely satisfactory. Moreover, it takes more time than other carpet cleaning methods.

So, Should We Try Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

One of the most common methods used by homeowners is dry foam carpet cleaning. It uses an advanced machine with a pressure tank. The tank has a mixture of water and shampoo. The compressor in the machine converts the solution into foam which scrubs the carpet fibres. The cleaner shampoo the carpet using the machine and cleans it. It’s more like scrubbing, but with a machine. It can clean the carpet, but there are some limitations. As the machine is placed over the carpet, it rigorously moves the fibres, and the carpet fibres may become loose from its root. Over the time, the fibres may get completely worn out, making your carpets unappealing. Second, it can result in a colour mix. If your carpet has contrasting colours, the dark colour can mix with the light colour and change the appearance of the carpet. Moreover, there are multiple stages involved, which makes it time-consuming.

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Which Is the Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

One of the most efficient and highly effective carpet cleaning methods is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Steam carpet cleaning in Surrey BC, is highly preferred by homeowners and carpet cleaners. In this method, the carpet cleaners use a pressure wand to apply hot water to the carpet. The hot water or steam goes deep down to the carpet fibres and loosens the build-up dirt, sticky grimes and residue left from other cleaning methods. Cleaners remove the dirt and dry up the carpet, giving it a new and shiny look.

There are many other benefits of carpet steam cleaning.

  • Kids and Pet-Friendly: While other carpet cleaning methods use chemicals, steam carpet cleaning uses mostly water. Cleaners can couple the method with eco-friendly stain removers so that your kids and pets enjoy a safe and clean environment.
  • Kills The Allergens: The hot water from the pressure wand is enough to kill the disease-causing germs, bacteria, mites and more.
  • Clean The Stains: The method is highly effective in cleaning stubborn stains like ketchup, drinks and blood stains.


So, it is clear that steam carpet cleaning is the most effective and preferred cleaning method because of the multiple benefits it offers. So, next time you notice your carpet is dirty, go for steam carpet cleaning.



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