Why Are Zebra Blinds Gaining Popularity Worldwide?


Although zebra blinds have become increasingly popular in the USA and Canada over the years since 2020 zebra blinds have also taken hold globally. One of the main reasons is the beauty of zebra blinds and the combination of colors that can fit any room design and aesthetic. There is a myriad of choices in sizes and even types of zebra blinds. Although called zebra blinds for their unique striped appearance in some countries the shading is very subtle and hardly discernable, while some custom zebra blinds are wanted in higher-end design and there are custom zebra blind designers online available.

Why Are Zebra Blinds Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Zebra blinds have the unique appearance of zebra stripes with dark and light interspersing of colors and materials throughout the blinds.  Depending upon the light filtering wanted, some blinds are interspersed with mesh while others are solid but simply have contrasting colors to create the striped effect. Individuals are only limited by their creativity and imagination and each room in a property can have a different look with zebra blinds. Zebra blinds are also referred to as zebra shades and alternative blinds in some areas.

Cost-effectiveness adds to zebra blind popularity

Although costs do of course vary according to the size and shape of the window or door which will use zebra blinds, they are more cost-effective overall than metal blinds, bamboo blinds, or even plastic blinds, especially in the installation process. Lighter in weight than other blind types, and amenable to either horizontal or vertical installation there is less wrestling needed while installing them and they are not easily damaged as they are very flexible. Zebra blinds are installed easily on very large spaces or very small spaces, and installation can be done by individuals who purchase them or very cost-effectively by a merchant selling them.

For large spaces and zebra blinds that are mechanized professional installation is recommended. Remote control or the press of a button or a pull on a lever or can open or close some zebra blinds. Customers, of course, can choose to just hand open and close the zebra blinds using a pull cord but this can be a bit clumsy with the larger blinds. Some styles of zebra blinds can be purchased from manufacturers for as little as 6.95 cents per small shade but quality should be questioned there and viewing these blinds compared to others that are more expensive does show a very unique difference in eye appeal. The materials used do not look very durable either in some of the very cheap offerings. There are many affordable yet quality alternatives between the very pricey zebra blinds and the very cheap ones, and only some research and evaluation will assist in choosing wisely and within budget.

The maintenance of zebra blinds is easy

This also adds to the popularity. With traditional metal, plastic, or bamboo blinds removing grime can be a real chore. While dusting the slats of traditional blinds helps cut back on dirt, eventually the blinds do need to be taken down and washed thoroughly. Zebra blinds, which are generally made out of material or wood clean easily and are easy to take down and put up again after cleaning. If the grime buildup is not too heavy then simply vacuuming the blinds regularly can help keep them spotless but if winter dirt is apparent, and build-up exists, using mild dish soap and water can be used to wipe down the blinds, or even soak them upon removal. They do dry quickly, especially if made partially or completely of fabric.

Why Are Zebra Blinds Gaining Popularity Worldwide - zebra blinds

If zebra blinds are made entirely of wood then the less that they are exposed to water, the better, so a vacuuming or dusting weekly is recommended and when needing deep cleaning it may be best to have a professional clean them especially if they are large as water can be absorbed by the wood. Even wooden zebra blinds are less likely to suffer damage from cleaning or other hazards, as they do not bend as easily as plastic and metal blinds. Any dents in plastic or metal blinds do make them unsightly and usually, a portion needs to be replaced. Zebra blinds are less likely to damage easily unless someone is careless in the maintenance.

If new to zebra blinds start with one room at a time

With an almost endless array of colors, styles, and sizes available now in zebra blinds, new buyers should have a consultation with a zebra blinds provider. Decisions such as room darkening, or light filtering need to be discussed as well as colors. Colors can be complementary or contrasting and these blinds will last a long time so careful choice is imperative. Each room can be of a different aesthetic as there are no rules with zebra blinds. Some individuals do prefer to have the entire property exhibit the same aesthetic so taking time to think about what type of zebra blind would fit the needs of a property is suggested by good manufacturers and distributors. If in doubt, many distributors will offer in-home consultations and view the aesthetics in a home to assist a property owner in developing the plan of zebra blind installation that suits them.

Zebra blinds have combined characteristics

They are popular as they can combine the sheerness of curtains for light, room darkening for rooms where sleep occurs, the same as metal blinds, and yet are as flexible and lightweight as plastic blinds. The real appeal is the look of the blinds and gone are the days of the same old white or cream-colored blinds that did hold onto dirt and were not as functional as zebra blinds. Whether room lightening, room darkening, or a bit of both, zebra blinds do protect privacy better than curtains that are sheer and eventually fray as well. The appeal that zebra blinds add to any room contributes of course, to the increase in popularity as they do transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.


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