What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Building Signage


Getting lost can be an awful experience for anyone and this is why signs are important. Signs are very effective and helpful when it comes to giving directions.  Building signage uses texts or symbols to transmit information in and around a building. With building signages, visitors can find their way, whether or not people are available to give directions.

Building with lots of signages

If you’ve been thinking about getting signage on your building, there are various things you must first consider, especially if you intend to do it yourself.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Building Signage

To make the right decision with signs, there are factors to analyze for excellent results.

A good building signage is an investment whether you put it on a commercial or residential building. If done right, you will make returns. So, don’t be too scared to invest in your signage. Of course, you need to consider how much it will cost you and come up with a realistic budget. You also need to hire an effective signage service like Mint Imaging that will work with your budget and still deliver an amazing job.

Another thing to decide on is the size and design of your signage. If you’re making a sign, then it’s because you want people to see it. As such, you want to make the sign visible enough. If it’s for identification, then visitors should not have a hard time seeing it at all. Also, the design should suit the company’s theme, especially if it’s a branding sign. The colours used should be complementary to the building and not look out of place. Texts and symbols should be bold enough, think about how tall the letters will be. Consider the font and typography. For example, a script font may be beautiful, but it’ll be no good if it’s not readable. If you’re making a Safety sign, ensure that it is big, obvious and clear. It must have colours that are easily noticed.

Amazing building signage design

Consider the substrate, base material, and material for the graphics. Your signs need to withstand elements like the weather and sun and not peel or wash off. There’s no point in making signage that will last only a few months. Use materials that are durable and of high quality. Also, consider materials that will enhance the signs and make them visible.

  • Location and installation of signage

Survey the environment or building where you will install your signages. Decide if the signs will be on a pole or hung on a wall. Consider the process of installation and the risks to beware of. Ensure steps that will keep the signage intact after installation.

Acquaint yourself with the regulations guiding building signs in your state. Secure the right permit before installing a sign and follow the guidelines. This will save you the trouble of having it uninstalled because you didn’t get the required approval.


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