What you need to know before you hire a Carpet Cleaner in London


Carpet is an important part of a house’s interior décor; it makes a great addition to a home. Carpets are warm to walk on, comfortable, beautiful to look at and beautify the home. Carpet cleaning is essential as it makes your carpet clean and appears new. It also lengthens the carpet’s lifespan and improves indoor air quality. It also makes your home look well organized, clean, and beautiful.  Cleaning your carpet is not as easy as you might think. It is best to employ a professional London carpet cleaner so that they can ensure that your cherished home flooring is well-cared for and neat.

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However, choosing a reliable cleaning service may not be that easy because there are many of them in London. But there are some qualities you can check out before hiring a carpet cleaner in London. This article will discuss all you need to know and consider before hiring a professional cleaners to handle the cleaning of your carpets.

Things to know before you hire a carpet cleaner in London

London is a big city and there are many carpet cleaning companies operating in different areas and towns. Hiring a carpet cleaner is not as easy since you cannot just pick a company’s contact from a phonebook or the internet. It goes way more than that. This is because you are inviting someone to your house or office, and you need to be sure that the person is reliable and trustworthy and will not tamper with your things. You would need to be sure they would arrive on time, not raid your apartment or office, can be trusted not to run off with your valuables, etc. This is why you need to do a background search on the London carpet cleaner you are hiring and be sure they are competent. Below are things that you should know about any London carpet cleaner you want to hire.

Years of experience

Carpet cleaning is an art that requires time to learn and get perfect at it. Knowing the number of years of experience that the London carpet cleaner you are about to hire is important. It helps you to know if the company can do a good job. It also helps you to form an opinion about the cleaning company. Years of experience matter in the carpet cleaning industry. If a carpet cleaning company has been in the industry for a long time, they would have accumulated years of experience enabling them to clean a carpet with the most effective method.

It is also important that you know the type of training, certificate, and job experience that the employees of the London carpet cleaner have. Ensure that the employees have proper training. If the cleaner coming to clean your carpet is a newbie, ensure that an experienced carpet cleaner constantly supervises them. Crystal Carpet Cleaners is one of the most experienced cleaning companies in London. They handle not just carpets, but end of tenancy cleaning as well. They are located at 130 Cat Hill, London, Barnet EN4 8HU, United Kingdom, which is in North London, but it is best to just give them a call at +44 7557 914387 and let them come to you to assess the situation and provide you with a quote on site.

Recommendations and Reviews

Reviews and recommendations are essential when you want to hire a carpet cleaner. You should ask your friends and neighbours about their experience with London carpet cleaners to see if they can recommend any cleaning service. One thing that makes a cleaning company the best is that it will have a presence in the community they are in. A company without a presence in the community they serve can either be new or not good at the service they offer. You can also check out their online presence, see if they have a website, and check what previous clients say about their work.

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Cleaning method

Here is another important thing you need to know about the carpet cleaner you are about to employ. Make sure that you know the method used to clean your carpet so that it will not be ruined. A good London carpet cleaner will utilize the latest and best technology and safe chemicals to achieve a clean and almost-new carpet look. A good carpet cleaner will start their cleaning process by vacuuming to loosen up the dirt on the carpet. The chemical removes the dirt without getting the carpet too wet.

Reviews and ratings

Make sure to check which London carpet cleaner is BBB accredited before you choose whose services you would offer. Good reviews, being insured and having good ratings makes a cleaning service maintain a good standard and stick to good work ethics.

Stain treatment

If your carpet cleaning requires a stain treatment, ensure you know what caused the stain and how long your carpet has had the stain. This will help both you and the carpet cleaner. Once you know what stained your carpet, you can ask the carpet cleaner if they have experience dealing with that kind of stain and if they can guarantee to remove it.

The services offered

Ensure to know the services that the carpet cleaner offer. In most cases, London carpet cleaners offer similar services, but you should be aware of the services they offer so that you will know what to expect.


The cost of carpet cleaning in London varies depending on your cleaning service. It is possible to get the price estimate over the phone. Some London carpet cleaners can offer a very low price to clean your carpet. However, more often than not, the cheapest ones may not do a great job. This does not mean that the expensive ones are the best at the job either. Price is not a factor that can accurately determine whether a carpet cleaning agency is the best, as some really good carpet cleaners might charge really low prices. Above all, ensure that the London carpet cleaner offers their service at a price you can afford.

How frequently should carpets be cleaned?

After finding a good London carpet cleaner, many people wonder how frequently they need to get their carpets. This depends on many things, particularly how often it gets stained. Ideally, professionals should clean a carpet every year or one and a half years. You can also consult the carpet cleaner on how often they recommend that you clean your carpet.


When looking to hire a professional London carpet cleaner, ensure you know all the information about the company you are about to hire. This will save you from worrying about the safety of your valuables and that of your beautiful carpet.


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