What You Need to Know About Washing an Electric Car


Electric cars have become preferred driving friends for many in the past few years. They have become increasingly popular because they are cost-effective and are good for the environment.

Washing electric car with pressure washer

There is still a lot to learn about this latest achievement in car technology, though. Foremost is how to care for them and how to wash them safely.

How to Wash an Electric Car

Electric cars can be washed in a variety of ways, but the following are the most common:

Wash Tunnels

This car wash method uses a conveyor belt that pulls your electric vehicle through a specialized tunnel where it gets washed. The washing process typically involves two stages, namely, pre-soaking and drying. When bringing your electric car to the wash tunnel, remember to do three things: first, keep the ignition on; second, set your car in neutral; third, let go of the handbrake. This will allow the wash tube to move your car through the tunnel without difficulty. Additionally, while washing is taking place, it is recommended that you disable the automatic functions of your electric car. The car battery should also be fully charged so it can power the electric motor. The latter should be running while your electric vehicle is being washed.

Jet Wash Areas

In jet washing, the basic requirement is to turn off the electric car engine. That’s because this cleaning method can be damaging to some of the parts of your electric vehicle. Before washing, also take out all removable parts, fold the mirrors, and completely close all windows and doors. Some jet wash cleaning products can dull the metallic shine of the car. To avoid this, make sure that you use the correct wash gun for each stage of the cleaning process.

Standard Car Wash

This is one of the many issues about electric cars. The common belief is that they cannot be washed the regular way, that is, by using soap and water. The latter, in particular, when mixed with electricity, will obviously produce shocking results. However, electric car manufacturers from around the globe have already considered this problem early on. Before electric vehicles were made available to the market, they underwent numerous safety tests set in all imaginable weather conditions. One of these tests involved prolonged car soaking to ensure that the vehicle will retain its functionality even in rainy and wet weather. Given this, it’s clear that washing your electric car the old-fashioned way is totally fine.

Automatic Car Wash

Yes, electric cars can also be washed through automatic car wash machine systems. All electric vehicles are designed to resist water damage and intrusion, so automatic car washes are not expected to cause any trouble to the car, its battery, and all the other parts.

Electric car in car wash

However, to ensure safety and get the best washing results, here are several recommendations you should consider when your electric vehicles are being cleaned using automatic equipment:

  1. Please read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on washing electric cars.
  2. Keep the ignition switched on while your car is being washed.This will ensure that the battery power is sufficient once all automatic vehicle functions are disengaged.
  3. Fold the side mirrors and take out any protruding items from your electric car, particularly the antenna which could block the washing view.
  4. Before you drive the electric car to the automatic washer, check to see if all the windows and doors are completely closed.

Is Car Washing Harmful to the Electrical System of an Electric Car?

The answer to this is no. All car washes won’t cause damage to the electrical system of your electric vehicle, including the battery. Car washing typically involves cleaning the exterior, the interior, the engine, and the undercarriage. Each of these parts requires the use of different cleaning methods and tools. Washing the car exterior only requires water, while interior cleaning can be done using cleaners and a towel. Engine bay washing, meanwhile, should be done with care. If you don’t do it right, many electrical components can be damaged and may even lead to a dead battery.

How to Clean the Electrical Connectors In Your Electric Car

After prolonged use, your electric car’s electrical connectors will need to be cleaned. To do this correctly and effectively, you’ll need to prepare a special solution which will involve vinegar, baking soda, and an Isopropyl alcohol.

Key Takeaway

Being the first-time owner of an electric vehicle can be challenging. Questions on how to properly care for these vehicles, particularly in getting them washed, will constantly ring in the mind. The truth, however, is that your electric car is just like other four-wheeled vehicles. In other words, they can be washed in the exact same way as other cars, although with a few specialized but simple pre-washing recommendations. For your repair, repaint and upgrade questions about electric cars, you can contact


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