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Mattresses: just about everyone uses one. They might not seem important, but picking out the right one can make or break your nightly sleep. Selecting a bad mattress can contribute to chronic back and neck pain, for instance. This is why so many people stress the value of picking out a quality mattress.

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What kind of mattress is right for you, you might ask? Follow our helpful guide to help with your decision.


Level of comfort is perhaps one of the most crucial factors of your prospective mattress. For instance, a softer mattress is best for those who are heavier in weight or have back problems. Soft to medium-firm mattresses are more suitable for side sleepers or those who are of a smaller weight. Of course, everyone has their own preferences for level of comfort, even disregarding their weight or the position they typically sleep in.


The size of your mattress is important. Pick a mattress too small, and you might find yourself struggling to sleep comfortably in your preferred position or may not even be long enough to accommodate the length of your body. Pick a mattress too large, and you may discover that it eats up too much space in your room and makes it appear small. Choose wisely.


There are just so many different types of mattresses out there; it’s almost overwhelming! But certainly, there’s a perfect type of mattress out there for you. Some of the types include pocket coil, memory foam, pillow top, water bed, or air bed. For instance, water beds are great for those with muscle tension or pain. Pillow tops, on the other hand, while their life span isn’t as great as some other types of mattresses, are ideal for those who like a firmer mattress but still need some level of comfort provided by its plush top layer.

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The features you might want in your mattress comes down to your personal preferences, your needs, and also your budget. The more features your mattress has, the more expensive it will likely be. And the more specific features you desire, the more you’re going to end up narrowing down your mattress options. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of options out there for you. For example, a bed that elevates at an angle is great for those, say, with mobility issues, acid reflux or heartburn, or who simply prefer not sleeping completely flat. Some mattresses today  also feature cooling technology for those who tend to be hot sleepers and get night sweats.

Some mattresses even offer adjustable firmness for those whose preferences or needs change, or even for those who have more than one person sleeping on the mattress with different firmness preferences. So convenient! Still not sure which mattress is best for you? Take this mattress quiz.


There are many different types of mattresses out there for a reason: not everyone has the same idea of what a perfect mattress is. What may provide a comfortable night’s rest for one person might create a night of torture for another person. Never underestimate the power of a good or bad mattress. Choose wisely!


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