What To Consider When Choosing Blinds For Your Bedroom Windows


Blinds are very useful window treatments you can install in your home. They provide comfort and security, as well as serve as décor. Further, blinds can be easily installed in almost any room in the house thanks to their versatility: from the living room to the bedrooms. Yet because of their all-around usefulness, homeowners tend to not know how to properly pick out the best blinds for their property’s bedrooms.

blinds in bedroom

The bedroom is quite unique compared to other rooms, especially with regard to its features and functions. This is a space where you can relax, so it’s meant to be as cool and comfortable as possible. Everything up to the tiniest detail makes a difference in your bedroom. This post discusses what to consider when choosing blinds for your bedroom window. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Position Of The Sun Relative To The Bedroom

Does your room face the north or the hot east? This is important in determining the type and thickness of the blinds you’ll get for your bedroom. Usually, the sun would have its rays penetrating directly into your room if your window is positioned towards the east. If this is your case, your windows may require blockout blinds to drive away sunlight. This will give your room a cool vibe all day long. Your afternoon naps will be smoother without having light penetrating through your blinds into your eyelids. If your bedroom window is towards the north without facing the position of the sun, you may want to get thinner blinds. This would allow sufficient outdoor light to penetrate so your room wouldn’t be deprived of light rays.

The Theme of Your Bedroom

Look at your bedroom’s decorations and items. Do they give a modern or traditional style? Some blinds are made to fit into a traditional setting, while others give off a classy or contemporary appeal. Blinds like cellular shades or roller shades are made to fit into any type of setting. You could go with Roman shades if you want your blinds to blend with the traditional look of your bedroom. Woven blinds may be appropriate for a natural appeal. Ensure that your window treatment choice suits well with the theme for your bedroom.

Proximity To Neighbors

Your bedroom is meant to be your safe haven and a place of utmost privacy. You don’t want to be taking a nap or going about your daily personal activities and have your neighbors’ eyeballs peeping into your bedroom window. If your window faces your neighbors, you should get blinds that prevent peering eyes from seeing inside – plain vertical blinds should serve the purpose. These blinds will protect your room from being open to neighbors or passers-by while ensuring enough light has an entrance.


The Property Exterior

Did you think your window blinds are all about the interiors? That’s not true. Your window blinds have to complement your property’s exteriors as much as your interiors. This is called curb appeal. You have to ensure that your blinds look attractive even from the outside. Ensure that the colors and style are in the perfect mix with your house’s outdoor designs.

The Room Owner

Perhaps the blinds are meant for a children’s bedroom; you must consider that. The kids might be too little to control heavy blinds. Their cute hands might be too small to roll up or release the blinds. Instead of having them wait for the grown-ups while they sit in the dark, why not select blinds that would be easy for them to control alone? Some blinds come with safety measures that will prevent kids from hurting themselves in operating the device.

Durability And Timelessness Of The Blinds

You should consider the quality and the long-term relevance of the blinds you choose. Even if you love to change your bedroom’s styles, decorations, and general looks often, you still don’t have to compromise on window blinds quality. Instead of buying multiple low-quality blinds in anticipation of regular room redesigns, you could select the best window blinds that’ll blend with multiple decorations and styles. You may consider wooden Venetians as they go with many color schemes you could think of.


Choosing blinds for your bedroom is one of the most fun parts of decorating your house yet it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your bedroom has to be one of the most comfortable, welcoming, and safest places in your home; thus, picking the perfect blinds is imperative. Consider the amount of light entering the room, the peering eyes of your neighbors, blinds’ durability, bedroom theme and style, and the like before getting the best blinds available in the market.


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