What to Consider Before Buying Jib Cranes


Imagine trying to move a piece of heavy material with pure manpower alone. Completing a job can be challenging and in turn, time-consuming! There are tools like jib cranes that can be helpful. If you need assistance with material lifting, acquiring a jib crane can be a wise investment. These tools are effective and will help you get your task done more quickly.

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Continue to read to learn more about jib cranes and how they can be of service to you.

What Is a Jib Crane?

A jib crane is a piece of machinery that is often used in small work environments for lifting-based activities. These activities are often dependent on repetition and accuracy. Jib cranes can be used for many different purposes. Whether you need to lift a few hundred pounds or multi tons, a jib crane is a reliable piece of technology.

Jib Crane Types

There are five common types of jib cranes:

  • Freestanding
  • Foundationless
  • Mast Type
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Articulating

Each type of jib crane has its unique features and benefits. Below we highlight each type.


When one thinks of a jib crane, one often thinks of a freestanding crane. These models usually offer 360 degrees of rotation and can exceed 35′ in height. Freestanding cranes offer attractive flexibility. They can be foundation, inset, or base-plate mounted. One of the greatest benefits of a freestanding jib crane is that it can lift impressive weights and has a strong build. Freestanding jib cranes have many benefits but come with a reflective price.


Foundationless jib cranes are a specific form of freestanding cranes. They are often slab mounted. Typically, they are attached to 6″ reinforced concrete. One of the key advantages of a foundationless jib crane is its mobility. They can be used in a variety of different environments because they do not have a specific foundation. Due to this mobility, they offer quick installation and relocation if necessary. Most foundationless jib cranes offer 360 degrees of rotation and boast a 20′ height range. One noticeable downside to foundationless jib cranes is they cannot lift as many pounds as other models.

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Mast Type

Mast type jib cranes are one of the most affordable options available on the market. This is possible due to them only requiring 6″ of reinforced concrete as support. Additionally, they use multiple forms of support including overhead support beams. They offer 360 degrees of rotation and boast a 40′ height range. These cranes can lift more than nine tons. Full cantilevers and drop cantilever cranes are the two main types of mast type cranes.


As it implies in their name, wall-mounted jib cranes are excellent if a wall-mounted crane is best suited to your needs. Wall-mounted cranes do not use a regular foundation. Instead, they take advantage of a wall or another support system. An attractive form of a wall-mounted crane is a swing crane. These are flexible and a great option for some complex jobs. A disadvantage is that they will only lift five tons or less and do not have 360 degrees of rotation.


Articulating jib cranes feature two swivel arms. This is one of their key advantages since they offer more assistance with jobs. With two swivel arms, challenging lifts will become less complicated. Articulating jib cranes offer 360 degrees of rotation and boat 200 degrees of swivel. Similar to foundationless cranes, articulating jib cranes can only lift a limited amount of weight. In some cases, they cannot lift more than a ton.

Considerations Before Purchasing Jib Cranes

Every job or situation brings its unique challenges and requirements. Purchasing a jib crane can be an expensive investment. Before acquiring one, decide which model is best suited to your needs. It is also important to decide whether a jib crane is a right tool for your needs. Other forms of cranes may be more effective depending on the situation. Jib cranes are versatile and dependent, and this is a key reason why they are attractive for different uses. Reading an ultimate guide will share even more benefits.

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