What services should your electricity company provide?


Many small businesses feel trapped by high electricity costs because they lack the bargaining power of large commercial and industrial firms. Mayflower Power & Gas is here to provide a more reasonably priced energy source for your small business, as well as the kind of exceptional customer service you can rely on time after time.

What services should your electricity company provide

We provide innovative solutions for small businesses and assist them in managing the costs of their power needs.


Fixed-rate contracts allow you to keep the advantage of price certainty. At the same time, you’ll have consistent energy costs for the duration of your contract, even if the energy market goes up and down.

Long-Term solutions

We assist our customers in obtaining sustainable energy. Mayflower will assist you in developing strategies to reduce your reliance on energy. Inquire with us about benchmarking, retrofits, and other initiatives that can help you develop higher levels of energy efficiency.

Rates for Hybrid Vehicles

Capture the benefits of fixed-rate, indexed, and variable pricing as we tailor a contract to your small business’s needs and allow you to gain from separate current pricing components.

What Should I Look for in an Electric company?

Choosing a new energy provider is simple, but identifying the perfect electricity company for your needs can be difficult. Here are the five most important considerations when selecting a new energy provider:

Consider the supplier’s track record

Is the alternative supplier you’re thinking about reliable and well-established? Do they have a permit to operate in your location? If the supplier is licensed to continue serving your state, you should be able to find the license number at your state power council.

Check to see if the electricity provider serves your state and is licensed

Natural gas, electricity, solar, or a renewable source of energy? Determine how much energy your residence will require and check to see if the supplier provides that source of energy in your state. Find out if the cost includes a local sales tax, as well as every other tax, expense, or service charge. If the supplier explicitly presents the details to you, this data should be easily accessible.

What services should your electricity company provide - service worker

Examine your current expenses. When you fully comprehend the cost of electricity for your home and small business, you will also be better equipped to select a new energy provider who will suit your requirements. Take a look at your spending. Before comparing prices from other suppliers, obtain recent remarks from your local power company or current supplier. Examine your electricity bill to see how much you’ve been paying for electricity and natural gas.

Look for a company with a good reputation in terms of customer service

Select a company that provides excellent customer service and responds quickly to inquiries. Ask your social platform connections if they use a specific supplier and how they rate the provider. You can follow the social profiles and look at historical information to find if there are any consistent unresolved issues.

Investigate and locate rates that are within your expenditure from a reputable company. Learn how much money you could save by switching energy suppliers. Examine the costing and plans, and the terms of service and condition of the plan you’re thinking of getting.

What remains constant when you change your energy provider?

  • Your electricity supply – Your power service will not be disrupted.
  • Energy delivery – Your local power company will remain responsible for supplying electricity and delivery costs will remain the very same.
  • Your bill – Although different power service areas may differ, you may still get a single bill from your power provider.
  • Maintenance – Your power company will continue to service all equipment, including meters, wires, and pipelines, as well as react to any power failures.
  • The power equipment – Wires, pipes, meters, and converters, for example, will remain in place. Since your energy is supplied via the same transmission and distribution networks owned and managed by your utility, no physical adjustments are needed.


At Mayflower Power & Gas, we believe in the heart and soul of the American Dream – small business owners and the work they do. Your bottom line is extremely crucial to your long-term viability. Energy costs can be difficult for small businesses. Mayflower Power will be here to assist you.


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