What Is French Terry Fabric & Why Is It so Popular?


French terry is a knit fabric, meaning that the material will have spiraling coils of yarn on one side, with the other having soft and cozy piles of thread on it. Generally, french terry fabric is composed of either entirely cotton fibers or primarily cotton fibers that they mix as a blend with other material types, such as a minor amount of spandex, rayon, lycra, or polyester, along with organic soy or cotton fibers.


Although this choice in material is usually on the slightly more pricey side than others, it also means it is of much higher quality when compared to other kinds of clothing material options. The cotton material of french terry cloth makes the clothing extremely comfortable, breathable, and soft.

What Is French Terry Fabric?

The knit cloth fabric material has a soft, cozy, comfortable feel and finishes to it that you often also can find in the majority of your most comfortable, warm clothing. Specifically, this includes numerous casual and athleisure clothing items, like sweatshirts, sweatpants, loungewear, and joggers, as well as various other kinds of clothing. French terry fabric is a versatile knit cloth material with soft spiraling and a polished, smooth exterior surface.

What Is French Terry Fabric Used for in Clothing Production?

The french terry fabric is often used in the production of sweatshirts and sweatpants, wherein the soft and comfy bundles of yarn will be on the inside of the fabric, as this is where the material makes contact with your body. So, the fabric’s smoother and more polished side will be on the outside of the garment. The french terry forms a plush, comfortable, delicate texture that pairs excellently with loungewear essentials, such as comfy sweatshirts and cozy sweatpants.

french terry fabric

What Is the History of French Terry Fabric?

You can trace the origins of when french terry fabric was first introduced to the market back to the 1980s as a versatile material. The verb terry derives from the French word “tirer,” which translates into English as “to pull.” Further, this also makes sense regarding how the fabric is made with a single knit weave. Because you weave the material of french terry fabric as a single knit material, one of the sides will reveal loops with a leveled and smooth outward appearance. In contrast, the reverse side faces inwards, and touching your body will reveal coarser and more textured piles of yarn. Since being used in the 1980s, french terry fabric has only grown in popularity. You most likely already own clothing items made of french terry fabric material, if not multiple french terry fabric clothing items. However, you might have been unaware of what the material was explicitly called until now. Check to see if you notice any french terry clothing items, whether in your closet already or the next time you go shopping, as it is pretty prevalent throughout the world. Still, you likely did not even pay attention to the material to know what it was at the time.

Why Is French Terry Fabric Beneficial?

The french terry fabric is an incredible option as a midweight fabric. The french terry fabric has a more substantial weight than the material you typically see to make most t-shirts. Still, it is also not as heavy as the fabrics you see commonly used to make joggers or sweatpants for colder temperatures. The french terry fabric is highly adaptable and versatile, which will help you to remain colder in higher temperatures and keep warm in colder temperatures.


No matter the climate, wearing french terry fabric is always an excellent option for you to consider. French terry is highly comfortable and soft. It is a versatile and adaptable fabric that is great at moisture wicking, meaning that the material can absorb your sweat when you wear it. French terry fabric is a highly breathable material. It works excellently as a midweight fabric since you can wear the material no matter the weather outside. It will keep you cool in higher temperatures or warm in colder temperatures. You likely already own clothing items with french terry as the fabric material and will definitely begin to notice it more around you in general now that you know what it is.


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