What does foam insulation do?


So you are deciding on the idea to install foam insulation in your house. But you are confused about whether it will be worth the energy or not? We present you with this article that enlists all the information regarding foam insulation, its benefits, reasons to get it installed, and its drawbacks. The article also mentions the various types of foam insulations, so it will help you get a clear picture to choose from the variety that is available in the market. Unlike the traditional methods of insulating, foam insulation is far more effective and helps you cut down on your energy bills significantly. In this type of insulation, the walls, roofs, floors, and other corners of your house can be insulated.

What does foam insulation do

It helps to keep the conditioned air generated by your ACs, heating appliances, and ventilation inside your house and prevents its escape into the outer atmosphere. It also protects your home from condensation and water. The foaming material used also acts as a sealant, air barrier, vapor retardant, sound barrier, and adhesive to keep the walls sturdy. Foam insulation uses foams to insulate spaces. The foam may be in liquid form or spray form. It is filled in the space, and then it helps you insulate your house from harsh weather and other external conditions.

In our modern world, most foam materials are made of recycled material that is environmentally friendly and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons. There are two types of foam insulation- closed-cell foam insulation and open-cell foam insulation. In closed-cell foam, the space is filled with a gas, helping the foam to expand and fill in the space. In the open-cell foam, the space is filled with air, but these are not very dense. Low density gives it a spongy texture. Read on to further know about the foam insulation in depth.

Here are eleven benefits of having installed foam insulation in your home.

It helps to cut down the noise

The foam layer acts as a barrier between the outside noise and the inside activities. It prevents noise from entering your house as it absorbs most of the noise. So if you live in a busy locality and want to cut down on your noise, then foam insulation is the right choice for you!

Reduction in the number of pollens in your house

As the spray foam insulation can even get into cracks and crevices, the probability of air entering your home reduces significantly. As the air is blocked from entering your house, you will see that the pollens and allergens will also be blocked by the insulation. It will help people who have respiratory problems and will help you save money on your medical bills too!

Prevents insects from entering your house

Spray foam insulation fills in all the cracks and cavities in your house just like a glove fits your hand. Therefore it helps to abstain from any insect from entering the house. It helps to bring down any medical cases related to insects. The closed-cell foam insulation is your best bet to get rid of insects and tiny intruders.

No more mold and mildew growth

Both the open cell and the closed-cell insulation help to protect against any type of moisture retention. It acts as a barrier between the water and your walls. As a result, the water absorption goes down, and the probability of the growth of mold and mildew due to moisture also reduces. Closed-cell insulation is the best for protection against large amounts of water.

Makes your walls sturdy

The closed-cell type of foam insulation helps to make your walls sturdy. Because of its density and hardness, the walls become quite sturdy after the application of closed-cell insulation. It helps your walls be put together closely and holds the walls strong against storms and other external phenomena. This wall insulation increases the life of the walls.

What does foam insulation do - trimming spray foam

It has a long life

When compared to the other insulations available in the market, like the fiberglass and styrofoam ones, spray foam insulation lasts much longer. It does not break down or decay over the years. Long life is one of the best features of spray foam insulations.

It is eco friendly

It helps you cut down on your bills and prevents the overuse of appliances like ACs and heaters. So the amount of CFCs emitted into the atmosphere reduces, and thus it helps to bring down the CO2 emissions. So it is environment friendly. It also helps to bring down your energy bills and helps to conserve energy.

Provides cooling and heating benefits

The spray foam insulation can get inside even the small cracks and crevices. It acts as an air and water blocker. It also blocks noise. But the best feature is that it helps to block the excess harsh temperatures outside to affect the warmth of your house. Thus it has cooling and heating benefits.

High R-value

The closed-cell insulation amounts to the highest R-value available for an insulator in the market today. The greater the R-value is, the more the material is resistant to thermal exchange. So, if you want to have the best insulation for your house and keep your house unaffected by the temperature of the outside, then foam insulation is the best bet for you!

It is versatile in application

Spray foam insulation takes the shape of whatever it is applied on. It is just like water, the way the water takes the shape of the container in which it is kept, just like that! It can be applied to your floor, storage space, wall, ceilings, basements, attics, and many more. It has a wide range of applications and is versatile.

Less expensive

The spray foam or rigid foam has diverse applications and helps you save on money too! The spray foam insulation is expensive when compared to the other alternatives available in the insulation market. The closed-cell insulation may be a bit expensive, but the open-cell is far more affordable. So if you are a bit tight on your budget and want to apply the best insulation, then the open foam insulation is the right choice for you! It will cost you more initially but, will help you cut down on your monthly energy bills significantly.

Wrapping Up

Foam insulation will help you make your ends meet, and fulfill your desire to have a fully insulated home. The spray foam insulation has been proven to be very sturdy and effective when it comes to insulating a house. What better? It also is cheap when compared to the other options available in the insulation market. So you get the best if you invest in this. With its versatile nature, it can be used in many different spaces of your house. You can use it in your attics, roofs, floors, basements, shops, and many other spaces. The benefits are many. Therefore it will be a wise decision to invest in this insulation. Trust us, if your walls could talk, they will thank you. What else does one need? It is a complete package of protection for your house, and you will never regret this decision of yours!


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