What are lathes used for?


The term “computer numerical control” (CNC) refers to a technique for automating machine tool control using software contained in a microcomputer attached to the tool. Without manual operation, a CNC machine creates a product using coded instructions. Lathes, milling machines, and multi-axis machines are some examples of these machines, which can vary in size, purpose, and design.


What is a CNC lathe machine? is a question that will be addressed in this article. We will also discuss their purpose, the applications for which they work best, and the numerous advantages they can offer your production process. From used lathes to new lathes machines, there are hundreds of machines available in the market if you are looking to buy one.

How Does A Lathe Work?

A lathe is a machining instrument mostly used for shaping wood or metal. It operates by having the workpiece revolve around a cutting tool that is fixed. The primary function is to remove the material’s undesirable portions, leaving behind a neatly shaped workpiece. Although there are various kinds of lathes, they all operate similarly by having the workpiece rotate against a stationary cutting tool. Naturally, milling machines operate oppositely. In a milling machine, the cutting tool rotates while the workpiece is fixed.

CNC lathe

Utilizing a cutting tool, lathes are made to remove material from workpieces. After being fastened to the lathe, the workpiece spins while coming into contact with the cutting tool. The workpiece’s rotary movement makes it possible to remove material quickly, effectively, and precisely. Large, intricate machines called lathes are made up of numerous small parts. For instance, the part that supports the rotating workpiece is the headstock. Additionally, tailstocks on lathes can be used to anchor the workpiece. The tailstock is frequently used for workpieces that are unusually huge or long.


The CNC lathe machine’s adaptability makes it a great tool for businesses in a wide range of industries, particularly the automotive, healthcare, electronics, and aerospace sectors. A CNC lathe machine is capable of producing a variety of goods, from larger ones like car chassis and aviation engines to smaller ones like medical equipment, gears, and gardening tools. Additionally, it may create a variety of structures, including threads, cylinders with inner and outer diameters, and flat surfaces.

The majority of completed items, such as automotive components, airplane parts, construction machinery parts, medical parts, energy-related parts, home appliance parts, and parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc., use parts that have been turned on lathes.


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