What Are at Stake for Microsoft MTA: Software Development Fundamentals Certification Enthusiasts?


Certification holders, particularly Microsoft validated professionals, are easily recognized in any industry. Having validation from a distinguished organization boosts not just your morale but also your financial standing. And if you’re planning to earn the AZ-900 Training Course : Software Development Fundamentals certification, below are the notable perks at stake if you decide to continue with this amazing accreditation.

What Are at Stake for Microsoft MTA

Offers you an internationally-acknowledged credential

First of all, Microsoft certifications are always considered a top-notch validation of your knowledge. Therefore, if you have this on your profile, it means that you have met the standards set by MS-500 Training Course . And because of its worldwide recognition, this opens up a wide range of opportunities, which leads up to our next benefit.

Transforms you into a more in-demand professional

In this era where competition is thriving, it’s best to have something that sets you apart from other candidates. The MS-700 Training Course : Software Development Fundamentals is a striking addition to your CV, giving you an edge when applying for a job. In fact, certification holders are highly sought-after because of the impact they can offer to the company.

Improves your salary rate

With your bearing as a certified professional, employees ensure that you get the appropriate compensation according to your skills ― or even more. If you are a software developer, the average salary according to PayScale is around $73,441. And with a certification to back you up, this amount could relatively increase, depending on your role in the company as well as the number of years in the position.

Prepares you for more technical accreditations

MTA certifications serve as a remarkable tool for advanced Microsoft endorsements. Though not considered prerequisites, starting your certification journey with MTA is highly suggested. This way, you acquire and master the basic skills to help you further in your career. Once you obtain your fundamental validation, you may pursue some role-based certifications, such as Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, AZ-204 Training Course : Developer Associate, or Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate, and then continue with Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert, for instance.

What Are at Stake for Microsoft MTA - certifications

Equips you with basic software development knowledge

The major objective of MTA: Software Development Fundamentals is to solidify your understanding of programming and software development. Hence, it focuses on the core programming concepts, particularly object-oriented programming. It highlights your ability to work on basic web and desktop applications, along with databases.

Getting ready for the certification exam

Now that you have an idea of the impressive benefits that are at stake if you don’t earn this certification, don’t waste your time and get ready for the exam. You have until June 30, 2022 to complete Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals, which is set to retire on the said date. Before you kick off your preparation, it’s best that you are already familiar with key programming concepts and features. Having hands-on experience in software development is also recommended. If you don’t have a prior background, you may take relevant online courses or complete some tutorials ahead of time. There are several training materials available in Microsoft Visual Studio as well as on AZ-104 Training Course . Lastly, try to get some experience in working with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. and C# as these are the primary focus of the certification.


Earning the Microsoft MTA: Software Development Fundamentals certification is a great way to test the waters of IT and get the basic skills related to software development. This designation will make you noticeable to your potential employers and improve your financial standing as well. To add more, it will ease your way to obtain the accreditations of the higher level, such as associate and expert, and will serve as a springboard for creating a successful career as a developer. For that get practical experience in dealing with the concepts tested in the exam and you will become certified on your first try.


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