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A lot of thought goes into home decor, even if it’s just the house’s flooring. The materials’ functionality and style are all taken into consideration. And these days, with technological advancements, you have several options to choose from. There’s a category for each type of flooring, like hardwood and concrete floors. You also have the ever-popular vinyl and laminate floor tiles to consider. There are countless variations per category so you can take your time choosing the right material. However, it can get overwhelming if you go over everything alone.

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To help you choose, you can consult an expert but we have some suggestions based on this year’s trends! This should help narrow down your choices or keep you informed before consulting with someone.

Trends to Help You Find the Right Floor Tiles

Trends come and go, though sometimes they become timeless as well. They say it’s not always a good idea to choose based on trends. But it doesn’t hurt to look at them as a guide to the options available to you. That said, let’s see what’s hip and happening in the home decor industry.

1.   Affordable, Stylish, and Functional: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are the product of technological advances in the home decor industry. Appearance-wise, it’s starting to resemble wood and stone much closer than before. They’re even developing new decorative patterns that are becoming popular with homeowners. Aside from appearance, LVT flooring is highly functional because it’s resistant to scratches, stains, and scuffs. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas in the house. Especially if you have pets or kids, LVT for your kitchen and living room is an excellent choice. When you visit the tile store, you’ll find a variety of LVT and other types of flooring for your needs. From the most stylish to the most functional flooring, you won’t be lacking in options. If anything, it’s more dangerous when you don’t know what you want because you’ll spend more than you expect.

2.   Modern and Versatile: Terrazzo Floor Tiles

When we say “hodgepodge” or “chop suey” floor tiles, terrazzo tiles come into mind. They have sparkling chips of marble, quartzite, and other natural stones in one interesting mix.  Epoxy terrazzo, for example, goes well with modern interiors because it looks luxurious and smart. It wasn’t always a trend as terrazzo floor tiles were shunned in favor of other stone tiles. It made a comeback in 2018 because it was embraced as a versatile and durable option. With its many hues, it’s far from being a dull design as well so homeowners and designers appreciated it. Unlike the usual stone flooring, terrazzo tiles have non-slip variants making the room safe for kids and the elderly. The trendy colors right now are gray and black plus fun patterns to your liking. It’s always about being creative when it comes to your home’s flooring.

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3.   The Minimalist: Concrete Tiles

Not everyone is into fancy and flashy and would prefer minimalist designs for their home. The minimalist style is becoming more common in homes these past years. There’s a neat and mature feel to it that you don’t get from other designs. Concrete tiles are a very minimalist option that has a raw, industrial appeal to them. You often see it in Scandinavian and modern Japanese homes which are part of why it’s become popular. However, its surface isn’t for everyone, especially if you have kids. You can soften it by using carpets or area rugs for the kids’ comfort.

4.   A Throwback and Comeback: The 70’s Style

It’s a common occurrence for trends that have gone to circle back with full force and the ‘70s style is one of them. It’s making an impactful comeback, bringing with it a relaxed bohemian style. It has natural, understated looks, and fabric textures that appeal to its audience. With this style, you can make a bold statement or a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It can have pops of color in greens and oranges or playful patterns that tickle your aesthetic. It’s an intriguing choice if you intend to showcase your creativity to your family and visitors as well.

5.   Empathizing with Nature: The Eco-Friendly Flooring

As climate change becomes more imminent, recycled flooring is becoming a highly popular trend. You have manufacturers creating recycled and sustainable tiles from porcelain and ceramic. They’re durable and low-maintenance options for your kitchen. Glass tiles and timber terrazzo also fall into this category. Both are made from recycled materials—one of glass and the other of timber scraps. Glass tiles require less energy to manufacture so they have a lower carbon footprint. Meanwhile, timber terrazzo is made from timber scraps and free resin binder.

It gets better: carpet is at the forefront of eco-friendly flooring which means it’s made from recycled materials. Plastic soda bottles, fishing nets, and used vinyl or nylon may be used as raw materials. These are objects that might as well end up in a landfill, but are instead turned into floor tiles. If a carpet tile needs to be discarded, it can be recycled to be a new carpet tile again. This makes it a very sustainable floor tile option for homeowners and designers.


Designing your home can feel like painting a blank canvas where you go all-out in creativity. You have a variety of floor tiles to pick and choose from based on style and functionality. Some beautiful tiles can be more affordable or functional than trendy ones. But if you don’t know what to look for, the trends can serve as your guidelines before you consult an expert. The trends in the 2020s are as colorful as they come from luxury vinyl tiles to terrazzo, concrete, and carpet. It can be overwhelming when you visit the tile store cluelessly with all of the options you have. But as we’ve described above, each type of flooring corresponds to a style or need.

If you want eco-friendly flooring, carpet and terrazzo tiles are excellent choices. If you want to be minimalist, concrete is a highly popular choice. But if you’re going for stylish and functional, luxury vinyl flooring is at the top of the list. There’s so much you can try and combine with floor tiles that your creativity is the limit.


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