Top Tips For Updating Your Apartment


For the most part, apartment living involves living in a compact space, which can feel cluttered and outdated quickly. But in reality, small spaces are as easy to update as the larger ones found in a house, and it often only takes small changes.

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So, take a look around and see the potential within and make your apartment feel like the modern space you love being in.

Background Colour

The backdrop to any space plays a significant part in the look and feel of it. If your apartment feels dingy or overcrowded, take a good look at the background because chances are that’s a contributing factor. Walls that are too dark for the space make it feel dark and enclosed, so spruce them up with a coat of paint in a lighter shade. Replacing or recovering cupboard doors will also help open up the feeling of a room while providing a new backdrop for the rest of your décor.

Update Old Furniture

A beaten-up old sofa or chair brings the look of a room down quickly, regardless of how well presented the rest of the furniture is. A newly covered piece or brand-new sofa will immediately update the room’s look. If it’s an absolute favorite that you can’t live without, consider having the item recovered in new fabric to restore it to its former glory. If it’s just an old broken item with no sentimental value, you can order a ready to ship sofa that’ll arrive in a couple of days.

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Rental apartments can be tricky for giving the flooring a new look, but thankfully that’s where rugs come into their own. Rugs are found in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so there’s one suitable for every room and personality. Laying a runner down in a high-traffic hallway covers inground dirt and protects the flooring from excessive wear. While in an open plan living and kitchen area, a rug subtly defines areas of the room without the need for partitions taking away space.

Replace Fixtures

Fixtures such as faucets and light shades are often overlooked when it comes to changing up the look of a room. Yet they are as simple to swap out as replacing the coat hooks in the entryway and have a significant impact. If you have an apartment with an overabundance of downlights, bring in a few floor lamps to create a gentler lighting option.


If you haven’t already embraced pot plants into your life, now is the time to do so. Plants and planters are available everywhere, and there’s something to suit every budget, ability, and space. Even the smallest apartment benefits from a leafy companion perched on a shelf, bringing fresh air and life to the room. Create an impression of vast space with a trailing hanging plant in a light corner or install a shade-loving plant in a quiet corner for dramatic effect.

It doesn’t take much to update a small space, so if your apartment feels neglected and outdated, upgrade a piece of furniture or buy some plants and enjoy the instant change.


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