Top Benefits of Having Automatic Chicken Coop Doors


Raising chickens requires time and effort. You also need ample space to accommodate them. However, the popularity of raising and keeping chickens in the 21st century is on the rise. There is a multitude of reasons for this, but there is some interesting new technology around it, and an automatic coop door opener is definitely a  game-changer. Chicken owners no longer have to rush home to close the coops to ensure the safety of their hens.

Top Benefits of Having Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having automatic chicken coop doors.

1. Keep Them Safe from Predators

The prime reason that automated chicken coop doors are popular among chicken keepers is that they ensure safety above all. You could be a free-ranger or an organic breeder and still experience other animals invading your property to prey on your pets. Animals such as foxes, raccoons, dogs, owls, hawks, and coyotes commonly attack and kill chickens. For chicken farm owners, this can be a devastating experience. Even if you haven’t faced this in the past, you will want to take measures to keep your chicks safe. The best way to protect them is to buy an automatic chicken door that is predator-proof.

2. Automated Opening and Closing Time

This is the winning feature of an automatic chicken coop door. They usually have two separate operational modes – timer-based and light sensor-based. You now have the freedom to set a timer on your door that will automatically open and close at your chosen times. The light sensor feature is yet another solution-oriented configuration. It automatically opens the door at sunrise and closes at dusk or when it’s dark outside. You simply don’t have to worry about physically doing it anymore. On days when it’s a bit gloomy and gets darker sooner than the usual hour, you can choose the timer option to open and close the door later if you wish to keep your chickens outside for longer. You may even be an owner of a special breed of chicken that has different requirements to stay outside, and you could cater to that. Plus, you can set the time zone you are in with a button on the unit.

3. Time Saver

Raising your chicken in your backyard takes a lot of work. You need to be involved in their daily activities. If you have limited time due to work commitments or other chores, you should be able to freely manage your time better. With an automatic coop chicken door, you can easily attend to other things. They are devised to make your life easy, enabling you to raise your chickens efficiently.

4. More Supply of Eggs

Having an automatic chicken door built for your chickens ensures that they are happier and stress-free. There’s a huge benefit to this — they tend to lay more eggs because they feel happy and safe. You will be able to enjoy fresh eggs every morning.

Top Benefits of Having Automatic Chicken Coop Doors - automatic chicken coop door

Pro tip: Your chickens will soon start to realize that keeping the doors closed is keeping them safe, and moreover, they are sleeping better. Not only that, but you will also have lots of free time while taking care of them. So getting an automatic chicken door can really help you to raise them better.

5. Energy-efficient

Did you know that these automatic coop doors can be operated with electricity, solar power, batteries, or even a hybrid of the three options? The coop for your chickens can be automated by simply installing cables that lead to the door of the coop. Now it’s a common problem for many chicken keepers who do not have access to power supplies around the coop. For this reason, they opt for solar power. It is indeed a great alternative due to its additional benefits to the planet. Having said that, setting up solar power can be expensive for many people. It is also only effective if there’s enough sunlight.

Due to solar power’s high installation costs, chicken owners often turn to battery-powered coop doors for their chickens. They are easy to install and maintain, and they are cheaper too. The only requirement is two AA batteries for them to run smoothly. The energy is only used while opening and closing the coop door, which isn’t a lot.  Good quality batteries are expected to last a whole year in climates ranging from −15° F to 140° F. The unit will also alert you when the battery life is low. In case you forget to replace the unit with new batteries, they will keep the doors closed as a safety measure. So your chickens will stay safe, no matter what!


Honestly, over time, you can develop a strong bond with your beloved chickens. All you want for them is to feel safe and happy. Their days should be spent playing around, pecking, and clucking. They become your companions and heavily rely on you to take care of them. This is why automatic chicken coop doors are great to de-stress your chickens and yourself. It lets them know that they are in good hands. So if there are chickens in your backyard or you are interested in setting up a farm for your pets, all you need to do is grab this fantastic tool and call it a happy ending.


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