Tips on Designing Your Bathroom Vanity


A great vanity should be well thought out and planned to keep the details in mind. If people look forward to redesigning their vanity, they must know that doing it without any foolproof plan is quite challenging. The first thing to do is prepare a layout of the entire setup keeping in mind the style and details they would like to add. Also, one can consider buying fixtures from reputed sites like that offer the best quality materials at cost-effective rates.

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Follow the below-mentioned tips to give your bathroom vanity the makeover of your dreams.

1. Always Start with a Proper Layout

Before finalising colours, bathroom fixtures, and other details for one’s vanity unit, one needs to know where it will go and how it will look. In many bathrooms, there is only one piece of cabinetry on a horizontal unit. These vanities increase the storage space and thus are preferred by homeowners over other options. They also ensure the bathroom has a simple design.

2. Finalise the Look before Starting the Work

Once folks have finalised the best layout and decided what they exactly want, they’ll need to choose a style. Do you like old-fashioned furniture? An antique cabinet? Based on your answers, finalise the look and then start working on the plan. Built-in vanity cabinets aren’t the only option. People can also opt for freestanding vanities that aren’t attached to the walls. Instead of the closed form of cabinets, they have open shelves.

3. Fit in Multiple Sinks

You’ll need to find a style of vanity that can fit multiple sinks. Most vanities that are sixty inches long have only one sink. You can put the sink in the middle, right, or left. Two sinks can fit on vanities that are more than sixty inches wide. But if you only need one sink, you can use the extra space for more counter space. Choose the type of sinks, such as under-mount, drop-in, or wall-mount. Next, you need to choose the colour as well as the material of your sink, which could be porcelain, metal, natural stone, glass, or quartz stones. Undermount sinks are attached to the countertop with brackets that go below it. This gives it a beautiful look. They are quite hard to install; thus, a professional must do this work.

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4. Choose the Right Surface

Bathroom countertops are often made of quartz or granite. Both are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials with stylish designs. Granite is porous in nature, and thus, it must be sealed yearly. Marble is a soft stone that scratches more easily than materials like granite or quartz and can’t handle water. Even though wood, as well as laminate, don’t always go well with water, they may be cheaper than stone. Keep in mind that stone countertops like quartz and granite might not be able to support the weight of repurposed furniture. Talk to some professionals who have done remodelling projects in the past.

5. Get High-Quality Fixtures Installed

Fixtures are the last part of your design. Most of your attention may be on the layout and finishes of your cabinets, but you still need to choose cabinet hardware, faucets, lighting, and a mirror. Most importantly, the fixture should be made of high-quality materials and must match the rest of your design and colours.

Final Word

Designing a bathroom vanity is not an easy task. You will face numerous roadblocks along the way. However, being equipped with the following tips and tricks, you can quickly get the vanity of your dreams. And don’t forget to contact the reputed professionals on the Internet to get a professional touch in the loo.


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