Tips for First Time Pool Owners


Owning a pool is an excellent way to beautify your backyard, increase your property’s value, and inject some fun into your family life. But, pool ownership can also be challenging, especially for first-time pool owners who don’t realize how complex the various pool services can be, especially when you consider everything that is required for a clean pool.

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These tips will help you distinguish between easy DIY pool chores and some more difficult routine tasks that greatly benefit from consistent professional attention.

Pool Cleaning Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

The key to a clean pool is the water, which might sound like a no-brainer even for non-handy men & women, but it’s actually much more complicated than it sounds. While you’ll be able to do some minor pool cleaning such as skimming and ensuring the filter stays clear of leaves and debris, there are other continual duties that are better left to a highly reviewed pool service like GLpools, whose technicians all go through rigorous training.

For example, using the proper chemicals in the correct amounts is necessary to ensure the water’s pH stays balanced. This is not a simple matter of checking the pH and dumping in more chemicals. Hence why it’s called balancing. Since you’ll need to check and balance the pH regularly it requires a high level of consistency. This is one reason hiring an expert pool service is the best way to ensure the water is properly balanced and your pool stays ready to use. While it’s not particularly a matter of technicality, it is a matter of practicality. Are you going to commit to remembering to not only balance the pH, but also record the data and your observations? You can certainly check the pH of your water, but if it’s higher than 7.8 or lower than 7.2, getting your pool water balanced can be tricky. A trained pool service technician will be able to diagnose the problem and correct it safely using the proper amounts of chemicals.

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Pool Service Can Be Fun — At First

As a new pool owner, taking care of your pool’s maintenance may be a novelty and something you actually enjoy doing. But before long, servicing your pool will become just another household chore that has to be done. You will learn quickly that a regular maintenance schedule is critical for keeping your pool in swimming condition and for ensuring your equipment stays in tip-top shape. Interrupting the schedule and/or delayed repairs can lead to even bigger problems such as damaged equipment and high replacement costs.

It’s to your benefit to hire reputable pool service professionals who can be counted on to maintain your pool on a set schedule. After all, owning a pool is a big investment, and neglecting regular maintenance will put that investment in jeopardy. You might be tempted to think you’ll be able to handle the regular services yourself and for a while, that’s probably true. But your busy life will probably get in the way of your maintenance schedule and you’ll find yourself putting off what needs to be done. Eventually, you’ll likely discover that the best way to ensure all the pool services get done consistently is to hire an expert to take care of it for you.


Your pool is one of the best features of your house and you probably want to keep it ready to use, whether for your own relaxation or for hosting a backyard pool party. Having a pool service to take care of it all, including the pH as well as the different equipment a pool uses, gives you time and space to relax from your life’s other responsibilities and chores. It not only protects your investment but also frees you up to simply enjoy your swimming pool whenever you want.


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