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Faucets are one of the most used appliances in your home, undergoing extensive wear and tear throughout their lifetime. When they begin to leak or no longer function properly, it’s important to enlist the help of a highly qualified plumber to perform your faucet replacement. Often, people underestimate the detail and complexity that goes into removing and replacing a damaged faucet, leading to possible damage to the surrounding countertop and cabinetry.

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You can avoid costly damage caused by improper removal, installation, and water damage, by hiring a plumber that is well-versed in proper faucet replacement techniques.

Common Faucet Problems

Since faucets are one of the most used appliances in the home; they often begin to wear down. When this happens, there are a few common problems that arise, which, if not dealt with, can lead to larger, more significant issues that can end up costing homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


There are few things as annoying as a dripping faucet, but did you know it can lead to devastating water damage? There are many possible causes, including malfunctioning valves or pipes, so be sure to have your plumber check this out immediately.


Whether it’s the handles, base, or pipes, leaking faucets always warrant a call to a plumber. There are a number of reasons leaking occurs, and it could lead to mold, mildew, and other damage to the surrounding area.

Squeaking Or Damage

If your faucet is squeaking when you turn it on and off or has incurred other damage, a faucet replacement is essential. Deteriorating parts can lead to leaks which can cause costly water damage if left unfixed.

When Should You Replace Your Faucets

If your faucets are showing any of the previous problems, you should consider a faucet replacement immediately. You never want to wait until the situation worsens; being proactive can save you time and money in the long run.

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How To Choose The Right Plumber For Your Faucet Replacement

Whether you need a kitchen faucet replacement or a bathroom faucet replacement, hiring the right plumber for the job is crucial. With so many companies out there, how do you know which one to trust? Here are a few tips to ensure you choose the right plumber for your faucet replacement job.

Check That They Are Insured and Licensed

Choosing a plumber that carries insurance and is licensed to work in that profession is critical to ensure your and your home’s protection. Licensed plumbers are trained for everything the job entails, and insured companies protect you in case of service-related damage.

Prioritize Experience

Experience is everything in the plumbing profession, so choosing a highly experienced plumber is key. There are some situations that only on-the-job knowledge can prepare you for, which is why experience matters.

Ask About Their Services

Hiring a plumber who can perform a wide range of services is important and can save you the time and hassle of looking for a specialist down the line. By using a trustworthy company, you can turn to them again and again for all your plumbing needs.

Seek Transparency

No one likes shady business practices, which is why choosing a plumber that is transparent about their services and pricing is vital. During your estimate, ask as many questions as you can, including their timeline, any included warranties, and the cost of the service, so you are informed and know what to expect.

Ask About Emergency Services

Let’s face it; emergencies happen, and they usually occur in the middle of the night. Having a plumber you can count on to respond 24/7, no matter what, gives you unmatched peace of mind.

Check Out The Reviews

Customer reviews are priceless when looking for a high-quality plumber. You can see their experiences, read how the company they used operates, and find out if their work is up to par. Before hiring any plumber, checking the reviews is a great way to weed out the bad apples! If your faucet is leaking or damaged and you are in need of a faucet replacement, contact a professional plumber!


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