The ultimate home decor trends for Autumn 2022 – Handyman tips


As we approach autumn, many of us are looking to update our homes to reflect the changing of the seasons. Whilst we all have our own personal likes and dislikes, there are some current autumn home decor trends that are proving to be hugely popular for 2022.

fireplace with pumpkins

Whether you are looking to purchase property this year and find the perfect houses for sale in Chelmsford, or just want to do up your own home, you’ll find some inspiration below.

Edgy yet stylish Halloween decor

Many different homeware stores (both designer and high-street) are finally cottoning onto the fact that not everyone wants to purchase tacky and childish Halloween decor. In fact, it is proven that the market for stylish home decor is booming right now. Stylish Halloween decor doesn’t have to mean boring; you can still have a bold and edgy design whilst ensuring that the colours and style are a good match for your current home decor. Blending new and exciting pieces with your home’s current design will help to ensure that the house remains cosy and warm throughout the season.

Burnt orange tones and soft textures

At this time of the year, burnt orange tones and warm browns are hugely on-trend. The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors inside’ is popular with so many people, especially during the cooler autumn months. As the weather changes, we all crave cosier and more calming interiors. Creating a sanctuary where we can snuggle up on a rainy day with a good book and a warm blanket is the ideal goal. Burnt orange cushions and warm-toned soft furnishings will help to bring that ‘Halloween’ feel to the home whilst drawing inspiration from the falling leaves outside.

living room autumn decor

Complete the finished look with sage green accents

Sage green and forest green tones are also extremely on-trend for autumn 2022. This cool yet dramatic accent colour is another way to bring the outdoors vibe inside. Dark and dramatic forest green bathrooms are perfect for your home makeovers throughout autumn. This colour also makes for a fantastic statement wall.

White and cream tones remain on-trend

White and cream tones still remain popular during the autumn months. These cool-toned colours make a fantastic base from which to add warmer accents. It is very much still possible to have a home that feels warm and cosy whilst keeping your white and cream walls and accessories. Simply choose complimentary colours to use alongside them and you’ll have an effective and spacious home decor style this season.

Get creative with vintage and upcycled accessories

Vintage homeware is making a big comeback and many people are scouring charity shops, vintage stores and antique centres to find the perfect pieces. Second-hand furniture is also easily upcycled to create unique and statement decor for the home. Before the weather gets too bad, why not try exploring your local car boot sales in order to pick up some exciting finds? However you choose to style your home, we hope you have a safe and warm autumn season


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