Your bedroom is easily the most popular room that you will spend the vast majority of your time in because the vast majority of us will spend at least 7 to 8 hours in there every single night catching up on essential sleep so that we are ready to go again the very next day. People however don’t spend a great deal of money or time taking care of the bedrooms and yet they don’t have a problem spending money fixing up the bathroom or the living room. Most bedrooms tend to be a little bit boring and for many that is how they should be because this is where you just want to be able to switch off and not to have to fuss about everything that surrounds you.


If you are one of those other people however who would love to add some much needed glamour and colour to your bedroom then one of the cheapest ways to do such a thing is to try to incorporate some throw rugs in Australia into the equation. These are a very simple way to add some much needed bright colours to an otherwise dull room and they don’t cost an arm or a leg to purchase. If you have grown tired of how your bedroom looks and you would like it to reflect your personality more, the following are just some of the top tips to help you smarten up your current boring boudoir.

Add some throw pillows

If it is your intention to have throw rugs in your bedroom then it makes perfect sense that you would want to have some throw pillows as well. The wonderful thing about this edition is that they come in many different colours and patterns and you’re bound be able to find some that match the current decor like the bedroom decal on your wall that you have in your bedroom.

beautiful bedroom

Bring attention to your headboard

It is the one thing that people notice immediately if you’re showing them around your home and particularly your bedroom. The headboard is a very focal point and so you should take time to pick one out that catches the eye and provides the contrast that every bedroom needs. You might even want to test out your DIY skills and add some of your own touches to it.

Consider some new lighting

This is a very important element in any bedroom and it can completely affect the ambience in any bedroom. You might want to consider some simple LED lights to provide you with a warm glow in the bedroom or you might want to pick something a little bit more flash and a little bit more eye-catching. Another cheap way to add some flow to your bedroom is to put some plants in there that will not only look fantastic but they will help to clean the air in the bedroom as you sleep.

We all need to start paying a lot more attention to our bedrooms because this is the place where you and your partner sleep every night and it should be a place that makes you relax the moment that you walk in through the door.