The PV-Cloud Is The Future


What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is the sustainable future of how human beings can survive on this planet. In many countries, people are encouraged to invest in solar power systems to reduce their dependence on the electrical grid. This is a way to ensure that rolling blackouts do not occur, and people are able to continuously depend on a reliable source of electricity that is not linked to a massively high electric bill. Solar power is the solution to many of the electricity issues that we have today in the world.

PV cloud

There are many parts of the world where electric grids simply have not been built out sufficiently to be able to supply their entire populations with power. In some parts of the world, there is one generator per thousand square miles. Here in America, our Native American reservations are an example of that way of living. Per 1000 people on the reservation, there may be just one or two generators that cannot supply current for everyone. Because the government is not invested in helping Native Americans, they are increasingly turning to solar technology to assist their communities.

Other communities within the United States have tried to circumvent the existing electricity companies, but unfortunately, our companies are mostly monopolies. This happened because at the turn of the nineteenth century when many grids were being built, these companies forced local governments to sign non-compete clauses that resulted in only one allowable power company per town. An example of such a powerful company can be found in Georgia: What has this meant for solar power in America?

Sadly, this has meant that many people who put solar panels on their roofs are sued. You may think that they are being sued by their local rabble-rousing homeowners association. Instead, they are being sued by power companies for violating the non-compete clauses that were signed into law over 100 years ago. Progress is literally being held hostage by the desire for already-wealthy corporations to make more money. In many ways, this presents just another example of corporations prioritizing profits over people. There have been many opportunities to rectify this, but large corporations are able to lobby against these changes in government, stalling the environmental benefits.

Additionally, these companies make money and receive government funding when they build new structures. Therefore they are not invested in maintaining existing structures or improving old structures. For example, numerous wild fires take hold of California every single summer because of outdated equipment that is being used to supply cities. This equipment breaks apart, rusts and falls down, resulting in countless fires that kill hundreds of Americans annually. Solar power could be the answer, but greed always gets in the way.

Why Should I Store Electricity In A Cloud?

If you are so blessed to live in a part of the world where there is not an outright attack on progress like solar power, you should consider storing your current in a Strom-Cloud system that will help you have power year-round. Solar panels soak up the sun during the day and power your house throughout the day and night, right? Well, what happens when it is winter, and it is overcast outside? In some parts of the world like South Africa, winter is in the months of June to August. Here in America, winter is in the months of November to February. The sky becomes overcast and it is hard to get sun rays!

Mounting solar panels

This is where cloud computing comes in. Electricity clouds are a great way to store your power throughout the year so that you always have power in the winter months and you are not forced to return to the outdated, problematic electrical grid. With cloud technology, you will be able to enjoy continuous electricity when literal clouds block the sun from doing its job so your solar panels can be useful. Offsite technology and onsite technology exists to create a robust grid that exists only in the cloud, and the power can be downloaded and used as you see fit.

The best part about this is that it captures excess electricity that you may not use and stores it in a PV Cloud so that you will always have access to the solar current. On an incredibly sunny and beautiful day, you may easily create excess current that will not be used throughout the course of that day, week, or even month. Just like your cell phone plan might have roll-over minutes, you can roll your power over to future months when it is properly captured in a PV Cloud system that keeps your current stored and accessible to you for future use.

Is This The Future of Technology?

Will we see a future that is like this, with technology improving our lives? Yes, but we have to fight for it. People are looking to a future that is filled with what we call green technology, and green electricity is a version of that. We want current that is more affordable than the power grids of the past and their stringent contracts that date back to the time when people were still being transported in stage coaches, wearing bustles and writing hand-written letters as the only communication method.

In the future, we should be driving electric cars, provided lobbyists do not get in the way of those advances as well. Given that phone companies had access to fiber optic technology since the 1970s but kept it hidden under their monopolies, we may have to wait until antitrust legislation gives us access to better electricity companies. For all we know, these companies have this technology available but are repressing its advancement for the sake of earning more money.

But if the electric cars take off as they should, changes in consumption like buying an electric car or selling one should be reflected in your bill. You could also store that current with you and take it with you on road trips so that you do not need to charge your vehicle at a charging station. You will not be at the mercy of those stations. You can learn more about the solar revolution on the internet.

Billing your electricity consumption is going to be so much better once we are attached to a solar cloud system. It will be more cost effective and if we make the right choices, the cost could be passed onto the consumer. When we think of photovoltaic advances, the cloud is the key to our future and freedom from attachment to the costly grid. Plus, we can stay warm in the winter without paying more to do so!


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