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‘The covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives.’ We are sure you have heard this sentence many times. However, have you gone into the depths of this sentence? This pandemic has mostly negatively altered our thinking. We have started overthinking and have become accustomed to assuming the worst. We have stopped focusing on the positives because of which we have fallen prey to conditions like depression and anxiety.

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We are aware that the coronavirus forced us to stay at home, we were cut off from our usual, outdoor activities, passing time became a struggle and we started making up scenarios in our heads. However, this pandemic also taught us great lessons. It enlightened us with the art of staying patient at all times and helped us in accepting the fact that after every hardship we are blessed with ease.

We became extremely adept at using technology. Internet became our savior. We started confiding in Netflix. Schools and colleges shifted online; zoom school became the new normal. Offices started encouraging their employees to work from home and all the meetings and interactions shifted online all thanks to the internet. Providers like RCN internet helped the users to enjoy ultra-fast streaming. By utilizing their servicio de internet en chicago, customers were able to enjoy amazing upload and download speeds that too at affordable rates.

Hence, coming back to the first sentence of this article, things did change but not just for the worst. So if you are depressed and feel like the pandemic has negatively impacted your life, well count all the positives and thank us later. We will also help you along the way. The primary reason for writing this article was to show you the better side of the world and enlighten you with the benefits of what you thought had ruined your personality and life. We will go step by step.

In this post we will discuss the home office and how it has become the new normal. Hence this article would be for those professionals who are working from home and are not yet satisfied with this change. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Adoption of technology

Around 25 percent of the executives as well as small business owners started purchasing and utilizing state-of-the-art digital tools to aid the employees in comfortably working from home. Slowly and steadily, the utilization of these tools became permanent as companies completely went online and started relying on virtual work. Also using these new tools proved quite beneficial for the companies as their operations became more efficient and they started seeing greater productivity and improved results. Such companies realized that they would not want to let go of their digital workforce and that stepping back into the old normal will slow down their functions.

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However, according to workplace expert Alexandra Levit, there are two types of companies; companies that will continue working remotely and the ones that have a well-established office culture and are not very comfortable in completely shifting online. It is true that the new normal of working from home was inevitable in the coming ten years or so, this pandemic just acted like a catalyst and accelerated the entire process. We would strongly advise the businesses that are feeling reluctant and are not ready to accept change, to pull up their socks and start thinking about this new way of functioning, otherwise, they would be left behind.

A persistent transition to hybrid working

It is not right to conclude that everyone who owns an internet connection or a Zoom account is fully equipped and ready for remote work. The transition is a huge deal and requires you to make major changes in your workforce. It is not something that can be done overnight. It is a complete science that encourages you to start everything from scratch and implement new ways as well as strategies. Moreover, you cannot expect the employees who work remotely to immediately disconnect themselves from humans and the outside world. Hence, it is clear that transition of any kind is hard and must be dealt with very smartly, taking into consideration all the aspects.

The best way out would be to practice moderation in everything. To introduce a hybrid system that will allow the employees to come to the office on alternate days or weeks. This way they will be able to balance both their social and work life. They would not fall prey to the monotony that comes with working from home and will also be less stressed. However, companies still are working on this and are trying their best to avoid any unpleasant situations. For instance, Twitter has told its workers that they can continue their practice of working from home. On the other hand, companies like Google and Facebook have adopted a hybrid system that allows employees to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Wrapping up

We need to accept the changes that life forces us to make. We are saying this because life has its ups and downs, however, just focusing on the downs and not taking into consideration the positives would eventually leave us depressed which of course we don’t want. In this case, also, companies should take the home office life as an opportunity and a positive factor that will allow them to work efficiently while also being comfortable at home.


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