The Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Metallic Coatings


When you how they garage floor that is in disrepair, it may be time to place an epoxy resin on the surface. In these areas, an metallic epoxy would likely be the most appropriate. This is done to not only make it easier to clean up in the garage, but to ensure that the surface of the garage is not damaged. It can also extend the life of the cement that you have used in the garage area, preventing cracks from appearing as a result of weathering or water.

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Here is what you should know about garage floor epoxy coatings that you can use.

Why Choose Metallic Garage Floor Coatings?

There are three reasons why a metallic floor coating made from proper epoxy is becoming a very popular trend. From creating an exotic appearance inside of your garage, to connecting with high-tech hobbies you may have in the garage area, it is a trend that is increasing. They are glossy in appearance, giving a 3D effect, and can even look like plasma. You can choose from several different colours, all of which are made with good materials that will last and are also easy to apply to the surface.

What Choices Do You Have?

Choices will include those that have the distinct metallic pigment added. You can also add a wide variety of colours. Additionally, you can end up with ripples, swirling patterns, and even what looks like craters on your floor, yet it will be perfectly smooth. All of these can be applied with a simple blower. This makes the process very fast. Two-tone effects can be achieved, specifically when adding a secondary colour to create that elusive 3D appearance.

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How Long Will These Last?

The length of time that a metallic epoxy floor will last is dependent upon three factors. First of all, you will want to use a high-performance floor coating that is going to be a little more expensive. Second, an epoxy primer must first be added to the floor to ensure that it adheres to the surface. Finally, the metal epoxy coating that goes on top, along with the clear surface polyurethane final coating, will ensure that it will last for many years to come. Just make sure that this is done by a professional, if you have no prior experience, if you want to get the best results.

If you are in the Sydney area, you can find professionals that can do this for you. They will be more than happy to come out to your location to talk about your options. There are likely many choices in terms of the quality of the epoxy, the colours, and what the final product will look at, all of which can be discussed with one of these professionals. In the span of just a few days your garage floor can look completely different by simply applying garage floor epoxy metallic coatings. They are affordable, easy to use, and there are many companies in Sydney that specialize in the application of these epoxy resins to improve garage floors throughout the city.


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