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We have all heard about electricians and have undoubtedly encountered one in our life. Electricians are the ones who keep the world running, but did you know there are some who spend as much time perfecting their craft as doctors?


Here are a few fun facts about electricians you probably didn’t know.

Doctors of Electricity

That’s right. Master electricians spend 7 years in trade school and apprenticeship programs before they are considered master electricians. That’s almost the same amount of time as a doctor!

Elvis the Electrician

The King of Rock N’ Roll started off as an electrician before making the ladies swoon with his upbeat hits. Can you imagine Elvis installing a light fixture in your house?

Electricians Can See All Colours of the Rainbow

Electricians don’t see the world in black and white. Electricians cannot be colourblind in any respect. Before starting a career as an electrician, it’s required they pass a colourblind test. This makes sense, as the colour of electrical wires acts as a coding system for them. There’s a big difference between a red wire and a blue wire. If the electrician cannot distinguish between the two, it could end badly!

female electrician

Electricians Play Architects

Electricians don’t just deal with wires. Mapping out and reading blueprints is a big job for the electrician. They need to have a complete overview of how things operate before working on or installing electrical wiring or appliances.

Safety is Key

While being an electrician is relatively safe, there’s a reason for that. There are strict rules to be followed when it comes to safety on the job. Electricians are also required to have regular training when it comes to being safe. This is no surprise as electricity is a powerful force, and it’s vital you know how to work with it!

Did you find these facts about electricians surprising? Next time you see an electrician, maybe you could ask them about some of their occupation’s interesting history. In the meantime, be thankful these masters of electricity are here to help the world run!


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