Stuck In Traffic? 6 Things to Pay Attention To On The Roads


Being stuck in traffic wastes a lot of time since you are virtually doing nothing all that time. In big cities, people suffer from traffic jams on a daily basis. Traffic jams can make us miss important meetings or family gatherings. Although heavy traffic might seem non-threatening, many accidents and minor collisions do happen from time to time. Drivers tend to lose focus while driving in heavy traffic and losing focus leads to unnecessary incidents.

Traffic jam

Here are 6 things you need to pay attention to on the roads.

1. Traffic Itself

When stuck in traffic, some drivers tend to hold their phones to text or just scroll through social media. Not paying attention to the traffic will only cause greater congestion on the road or cause you to miss an exit that would help you reach your destination faster. Impatient drivers might try to weave their way through traffic and they can collide with you if you are not paying attention.

2. Ambulances

Depending on the thoroughfare, ambulances might not have a dedicated lane to go through traffic as quickly as they must do. Watching the traffic and knowing how to make way for an ambulance might save the life of the person inside it. The ambulance siren can be heard from some distance away, so you can plan ahead how to make space for it to pass quickly.

3. Pedestrians

Although cars move slowly in traffic jams, they can still cause injuries to pedestrians. Pedestrians might take advantage of the heavy traffic to jaywalk or responsibly cross the road. Pay attention to any pedestrians around you to avoid an accident, and you can protect yourself as a pedestrian by avoiding jaywalking and making eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you. Always be careful around large vehicles as pedestrians may cross in front of them and the sheer size of the vehicle may prevent you from seeing them.

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4. Your Vehicle’s Temperature Gauge

Some vehicles, especially older models, can become hot in traffic jams. The engine is running and all the heat coming from other vehicles can raise its temperature. Pay attention to the temperature and pull off to the side of the road if it gets too high. Keep a coolant liquid at all times in your vehicles for such eventualities.

5. GPS and Radio

Many radio stations offer regular updates on traffic jams. They can tell you the reason if there is one, and how to avoid it. Using the phone while driving is not advisable, but you can quickly check the route update on the GPS if you don’t have a smart screen in your vehicle. GPS systems now have the capability to warn you of nearby traffic jams so you can avoid them altogether.

6. Road Signs

Paying keen attention to road signs is vital to not only avoiding traffic tickets but also knowing where the nearest exit from traffic jams is. If you are not paying attention to the road signs, you may end up breaking the law or remain in traffic longer than necessary.

Being stuck in traffic is rather boring and as such it can make you lose focus quickly. However, you have to pay attention to these 6 things to avoid accidents and to spend less time than you have to in a traffic jam. Don’t use your phone while driving unless there’s an emergency or you need to find an alternative route to your destination.


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