Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Metal Roofing


It may be wise to think beyond asphalt roofing if you are installing a new roof or want to replace the old one. Metal roofing is growing in popularity for both commercial and residential roofing purposes. Some materials used in metal roofing include zinc, copper, aluminum, steel, and others. Some of them are designed to mimic the traditional asphalt. The good thing about these materials is that they are coated for heat reflection and rust prevention.

metal roofing

Therefore, metal roofing might be the best choice if you are installing a new roof. The following are reasons why metal roofing should be at the top of the list.


One of the major advantages of metal roofing is that it has a long lifespan. Compared to other materials, metal is long-lasting and serves you for a long time before you start to experience issues. When installing a metal roof, expect it to serve you for around 25 years or more. Some high-end metal roofs even last 50 years before you consider installing a new roof. Therefore, metal is the way to go if you are looking for a durable material.

Easy to Install

The roof is also easy to install. A company like Roy roofing will complete the project within a short time. The fact that it is lightweight and has a proportional size and length makes it easy to handle. It is easy to choose the panels you want depending on the size of your roof.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofing can also help cut down electricity bills. Its ability to reflect the heat away from the house ensures the house remains cool. This means you don’t have to keep your AC on all the time to cool the house. The little warmth trapped during the day will also remain when the sun goes down. Therefore, there will be no need to heat the house at night.

installing metal roofing

Environmentally Friendly

The best thing about metal roofs is that they can be recycled. It is an eco-friendly material that can be used for different purposes. Additionally, the fact that the roof serves you for many years eliminates the need to replace it. Therefore, no excess materials in a landfill.

Fire Resistant

It is easy for asphalt roofing to get damaged after a storm and the shingles to dislocate. However, metal roofing is sturdy and resistant to harsh weather conditions and fire. Therefore, even if you have minor problems after a hail storm, expect total protection in extreme situations.

Fungus and Mold Proof

Asphalt roofing has a short life because of the mold problem. The mold eats away at the roof and causes other issues. However, a metal roof is mold resistant. Therefore, you eliminate the problem of mildew and fungus growth. Moreover, the roof protects the inside from pests, raccoons, and rodents since the material makes it hard for them to penetrate.


Hopefully, these points have convinced you why you should consider metal roofing over other materials. However, you should know that metal roofing is not for homeowners who like to DIY. You should hire expert roofers to do the job to enjoy the benefits discussed above.


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