Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Deck


A glittering pool deck adds to the beauty of your backyard. It helps to show off your outdoor decorating style with the right furniture and gives your poolside a cleaner feel. However, cleaning a pool deck can be difficult and frustrating, especially for a novice. Don’t get worried. That’s why you are here.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Deck

We have professional tips to help you clean your pool deck effortlessly. Read on to find ways to make your pool deck a place you always want to be.

Here Are Some Pro Tips to Clean Your Pool Deck

Depending on the pool deck, you would have to adjust your cleaning method accordingly. You can’t clean a wooden pool deck the same way you’ll clean a concrete pool deck. The state of the pool deck is also another factor to consider in your cleaning. Some decks would require only soap and water to achieve that clean look. You might have to go the extra mile with others. Regardless of the surface or level of dirt, these pro tips would give your pool deck a refreshed look.

● Cleaning Service

You can’t get more professional than the professionals. While these tips can help you maintain a clean deck, professional cleaning will go further than the average cleaning. You can either get a power washing service or a pressure washing service. A power washing service helps remove chemicals and dirt, allowing you to apply a fresh coat of sealant. But not all surfaces can be power washed. A power wash can chip at the paint if your pool deck is painted. Pressure washing is safe but would require expert knowledge. Using the wrong PSI for your pool deck surface would only make it worse for wear. Therefore, consult with professionals to get the best cleaning service for your pool deck. But if you want to make cleaning a DIY project, then follow the other tips for cleaning pool surfaces below.

● Pre-Cleaning Prep

The first step is to get rid of the surface dirt before you pick up your brush, water, and any other cleaning solution for your pool deck. Take a stiff-bristled broom to the surface to remove dust, dirt, and debris. This step ensures that your cleaning is effective. Cleaning without removing the first layer of dirt would only make you waste your time. The debris could get ground into the deck surface and stick there or your cleaning brush, making it harder to clean the deck. So, don’t just plunge into the cleaning. Professionals don’t do that. Clean and rinse away the surface dirt with a broom before you start.

● Cleaning Wood

You want to take extra care in cleaning a wooden deck. The good news about this kind of deck is that it doesn’t absorb a lot of dirt and cleans easily, unlike the other kinds. However, you are posed with a different problem with wooden decks – mold. Mold is not only bad for your wooden deck as it would eat into it and destroy it. Mold and mildew are not good for health. They can lead to allergies, sneezing, and other symptoms. If you have noticed this problem on your wooden deck, you can get rid of them with white vinegar. Mix the vinegar with a lot of water. Pour into a spray bottle or hose and apply to the mold growth. Leave the solution on the surface and allow it to seep into the wood. This solution will loosen the molds and eliminate them. You can then scrub it away with a soft brush. Once you get rid of the mold, you can mop down your wooden deck.

● Cleaning Concrete, Brick, or Stone

These kinds of pool decks require special attention. We’ll offer the first pro tip: don’t let the deck get too dirty before you clean it. Carry out regular cleaning of your pool deck. Depending on how often you use it, it could be once or twice a month. Use a cup of oxygenated bleach with a gallon of water to clean your pool deck with concrete, brick, or stone surfaces. Don’t use chlorine bleach as some people would suggest. It would only leave stains on your deck. Let the cleaning solution rest on the deck surface for a few minutes before scrubbing all the dirt with a brush. Then, hose it down with water. Rinse towards the direction of your walkway or driveway, not your pool or lawn. You can also mix your dish soap with the solution if your deck is really dirty, say after a pool party.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Deck - pool deck

Tips for Dealing With Pool Deck Stains

Even after cleaning your deck with our pro tips, you might still find stains on the deck, especially when you haven’t been cleaning for a while. These stains often prove stubborn and won’t leave with a simple scrubbing. There are different professional solutions for dealing with different stains. We have highlighted the solutions for getting rid of these stubborn stains.

  • Use muriatic acid for rust stains. Be very careful when applying it, though. Wear protective gloves and eyewear. Also, ensure that you dilute the acid properly according to the instructions on the package.
  • Use commercial-grade degreasers for oil stains. Follow the instructions on the package and scrub the stain away with the solution. Rinse afterward.
  • Use a lime juice and baking soda solution for rust and other stains on your pool steps and metal railings. It would get rid of any residues on those surfaces.

You can also use any stubborn stain-removing solution bought at your local store to remove hard dirt stains. You can also get any of the solutions discussed above at your local store. After cleaning your pool deck, don’t forget to apply a sealant to the surface. It would help prevent further or future damage. The type of sealant you choose depends on what you want the outer look to be. Your pool deck will change entirely if you follow the pro tips. But, it would be best if you did not neglect professional touches that might offer you better results with no stress of cleaning yourself.


Cleaning your pool deck does not just make it look glamorous. It is also a way to maintain its value and make it last for a very long time. Just like your car, you should care for both the outer and inner structure. Good luck with cleaning your pool deck! We hope these tips will help you restore the beauty of your outdoor pool.


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