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Today few people imagine their life without electric power. Its sudden switch off put out of order not only electrical appliances but also us off balance. Many buy a generator to insure from such situations, and this solution seems wise. However, sometimes, you might purchase this device and soon find out that there is insufficient power to meet all your needs.


Let’s consider how we can prevent such a case and if it is possible to boost the power of your generator.

What Type of Generator Is More Powerful?

Stabilization of supply electricity in each case requires a generator with different power.  According to the accepted algorithm, you might count generator power following the next steps:

  1. Determine which devices need to fuel from a generator;
  2. Count maximal sum electricity consumption of all devices;
  3. Add to the obtained number 25–30% of the reserve.

In such a way, you can define generator power that satisfies your needs. It is not recommended to buy a power station with much higher power since you will just waste fuel for nothing.

What’s Under the Hood?

The power of the generator is primarily determined by the type of fuel the engine runs on:

The most powerful are diesel models, but you might choose a generator with a different type of fuel, the power of which will be sufficient for your plans. You are free to consider dual-fuel generators that operate on gas and gasoline. Such models can work up to 20 hours without refueling. Most often, gasoline is a constant fuel source, and gas is a backup.

inverter generator

The Inverter Is a Modern Solution

When choosing the most powerful generator, you should consider inverter models developed according to modern technologies. They can boast clean voltage without drops and jumps, compact dimensions, economical fuel consumption, low-noise operation, and environmental friendliness. A 12,000-watt inverter generator might serve an apartment, a country house, an office, a construction site, a farm, and an enterprise. Such models support a parallel connection option, which will be appreciated by those looking for a safe way to generate more power. You might connect 2 generators of different strengths and, thus, increase the total output power.

Self-Activity Is Harmful

Remember that each generator works optimally with a specific type of engine. Therefore, you should not try to improve the model by adding elements that might supposedly improve the characteristics of the generator. If you install a bigger motor, you might overstress the alternator, which will likely burn out. If you install a larger generator, your engine probably will not drive it.

Generator Power Upgrading

We all depend on electricity and need insurance when it goes out. Buying a generator will be a good stand-alone alternative. When selecting a model, you should be focused on your needs and buy a device with the appropriate power or one that allows you to increase it safely. Inverter options have shown themselves from the best side in this matter.


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