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When you’re picking out a new mattress for your home the array of different sizes can seem intimidating at first. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 tips on how to pick the right size mattress for you.


1. Know the different sizes of mattress

The first thing to understand when you are shopping for a new mattress is the difference between different sizes of mattresses and the dimensions of each. Understand that some companies such as Ikea size their mattresses and bedframes slightly differently, so make sure that if you are buying cheap furniture you are comparing the size of the mattress with the size of the bed frame you have to make sure they match up and fit properly.

2. Think about the size of the room

The next consideration you should make when choosing a mattress is the size of the room it will be going in. If you have a small room, measure to make sure that the room will still be accessible and you’ll have space for other furniture such as nightstands and wardrobes. If you have a particularly small bedroom it may be advisable to opt for a smaller mattress if you are able to.

Mattress sizes

3. How many people will be using the mattress?

Another important consideration is how many people will be sleeping in the bed. If you are the only person sleeping in your bed, you may not need to purchase as big a mattress as if there are two of you. Most couples will start with a Queen size mattress to allow ample space for both people, however, if you have children or pets who are likely to share with you at any time it may be worth sizing up to make sure everyone has enough space and nobody is being pushed off the edge of the bed.

4. How tall are the people using the mattress?

Think about the people who will be sleeping in the bed. If one of you is particularly tall it is advised that you size up, as beds increase in length as well as width with each consecutive size up. For example, a California King size bed is not just the widest, but also has the longest length. If you are tall but still under 6’5”, you should be comfortable with a King or Queen size mattress as they should both still be long enough to accommodate you.

5. Think about your Budget

The final thing to consider when you are purchasing a mattress is your budget. As mattresses increase in size they generally increase in price too. Remember that mattresses are an investment and are made to last as long as ten years or even longer in some cases! It is also important, however, to remember that the mattress itself is not the only expense. As sheets and duvets increase in size they also increase in price, so make sure there is enough in your budget to not just make this initial purchase but also to sustain bedding over the years too.


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