Lock out wooden door without damaging it


Wooden doors are far more expensive than metal doors. Therefore, many people prefer to have the wooden planks door, which is a mix of board wood, and real wood. If you happen to have the real wood doors, then it is necessary to call upon some professional locksmiths for lockout service. However, in some cases, you might need to lock out a wooden door without a lock.

Lock out wooden door without damaging it

In this article we are going to share a few tips to help you lock out the wooden door without damaging it. You can try these locking methods when you do not have the keys to unlock the door, and do not want to damage the wooden door. These are all fun ways, and you can try them without spending any money as most of these items are available at home too. So let us get started.

Hooks and belt

If you have cloth hanging hooks behind a wooden door, then this can be used as a tool to lock out the door. Along with that hook, you will also need a belt. Good if it is your dad’s or brother’s room, you can easily find a belt. Once you have got the belt, you should fix one end of the belt in the handle of the door, and wrap the belt around the hook behind the door. This way the handle will be fixed in one place, and no one can move it, thus, your door would be locked out.

Use a chair

Another way to lock out a wooden door without damaging it, will be through using a chair. If you have a chair in your room, all you need to do is place that chair under the handle of the door. It is only workable if the size of the chair, especially its height, is lesser than the height of the wooden door’s handle.

Lock out wooden door without damaging it - door

Take a fork

If you have a fork at your home that you hate, then it can be used as a temporary lock. All you need to do is break the top of the fork. Now close the door, and fix the teeth of the fork on the side of the door. Now take the metal stick of the fork, and insert it in the middle of those fork teeth. It is how you can lock your wooden door with a fork.

When to call a locksmith to lock a wooden door without damaging it?

Above we discussed a few ways to lock a wooden door without damaging it. Once can easily follow all those methods without any help, even a kid can follow them. However, there are a few things that only professionals can handle. If you are thinking about the formal locks, then it would be better to call them.

Keyless door locks

These are very easy to install, and you can easily get them from a nearby store. However, it is still very important to let the professionals manage. They will fix it with various materials to ensure that the wood is not damaged at all. These locks can bear tremendous pressure without damaging the wood.


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