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A garage door opener is one of the hardest working appliances in many residential homes. If you intend to install one, it’s a good idea to hire the Sterling Garage Door Repair to do it on your behalf. Alternatively, with today’s installation kits, you can have everything you may require to do the job. This is because the instructions are included in the kit and the wiring is quite simple. But before you decide to install a garage door opener, you need to understand how to install them as well as how they operate.

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This article discusses the garage door opener installation.

A garage door opener is powered by horsepower

Before you decide to install a garage door opener, you should determine how powerful it needs to be to lift the garage door. The garage door opener can strain when you open and close the door if it doesn’t have enough power. A lightweight door that is made up of fiberglass and aluminum doesn’t need a lot of power compared to heavier garage doors. You should note that a garage opener that has ½ horsepower is often enough to lift lightweight doors. This includes the doors made up of aluminum, hollow faux wood, and fiberglass. This means that they easily lift the garage door without straining or even shortening the opener’s life. But for thicker metals, wood, and a heavily insulated door, you need a ¾ horsepower.

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Types of garage door openers

There are three types of garage door openers, and they each have their benefits. It’s a good idea to know each type so that you can choose the right one for your garage door. You can choose a chain-driven garage door opener that uses gears and chains that are similar to the ones on a bicycle. These chains can lift and lower your garage door. The good thing is that models are usually reliable and affordable, though they can be quite loud.

There is also a belt-driven garage door opener that works just like a chain-driven model. But rather than using a chain to lift and lower the garage door, they utilize rubber belts. This opener is reliable and quieter than chain-driven models, but they are often expensive. Lastly, there is a screw-drive garage door opener that you can install on your wall above the garage door and has horizontal spinning rods. When the rod spins, the door can open and close. These openers are low in maintenance and tend to be quiet, especially if you keep them lubricated.

In conclusion, regardless of whether or not you are mechanically inclined, it makes sense to leave the garage door installation to an expert. This is because adjusting the springs of your garage door without the right knowledge can expose you to the risk of serious injuries. A garage door opener installation requires knowledge of specific areas like knowing the horsepower needed for certain weights, electrical wiring, and making sure that the safety measures work effectively. Experts understand the importance of these elements, so ensure that they should do the installation on your behalf.


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