Is There Free Tree Removal For Seniors?


In the US, although there are no federal government programs that offer free tree removal for seniors, there may be some state-based programs or individual cities that do. It’s always worth noting that most of the services are specifically for dead or dying trees, so if the tree is healthy it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get it removed for free.

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Some companies that offer tree removal services also have community outreach programs where they will do free or discounted work for seniors. It’s definitely worth asking around and doing some research to see if you can find a company that offers this type of service. In the meantime, here are some tips on how seniors can get discounts on tree removal services.

Removing exotic palm trees free

Landscapers and nurseries are always after certain types of palm trees, and if you’re lucky, not only will they remove the tree free, you might even make some money off of it. These palm trees are species specific, they woll not go for a regular cocos palm tree, but if you have a canary island date palm, Phoenix palms among others. See the below for a full list.

Palm trees landscapers and nurseries buy

  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Phoniex Palm
  • Mexican Blue Fan Palm
  • Guadalupe Palm
  • Pindo or Jelly Palm
  • Senegal Date Palm

Free removal in exchange for firewood

Here is a win win situation, give out some of the wood to those who need it for firewood and get the tree removed for free. Many companies are looking for good quality firewood and are willing to remove the tree for free if you’re willing to give them some of the wood. This becomes even more beneficial in the winter when firewood is in high demand.

Find someone who needs the wood

If you know anyone who’s looking for lumber or wood for any purpose, give them your tree. You can even put up a sign that says “Free Tree” to attract people who are interested. You might not get the entire tree removed for free but you can at least get rid of most of it.

Utility company removing trees for free

If your tree is close to the power lines near your home, you may be able to get your utility company to remove the tree free of charge. Utility companies generally do all the tree maintenance around power lines on the road and in some cases will trim or remove tree that are affecting the service line to your home. If you have a tree in close proximity to a service line in your yard, it might be worth asking them to remove the tree for free.

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Government grants

There are various types of government grants available for people looking for free tree removal. These come in many different forms and can be for low income earners, people in high risk fire areas and even primary producers with crops of trees. Most of t hese grants are state or scit specific, so you will need to do a quick search in for county, city or state and see what is available and see if you are eligible.

Negotiate with the removal company

If you have multiple trees that need to be removed, you can try to negotiate a better price with the company. Many companies are willing to lower their rates if they’re getting more business from you. Harness your negotiation skills and who knows, you might as well get a free tree removal out of it.

Ask your friends and family to help

Who is like family if not friends? If you have any family or friends who are willing to help, ask them to come over and lend a hand. This is especially helpful if you need the tree removed urgently. Tree removal can be expensive, but there are ways to get around it, especially if you’re a senior citizen. With a little bit of help from loved ones, you can easily get rid of that pesky tree without having to spend a fortune.

Check for assistance program

Has your area been hit by a recent storm? Many power companies offer free or discounted tree-removal services to customers in areas that have been affected by severe weather. There may also be government assistance programs available to seniors who need help with tree removal. Each state has different programs, so it’s worth checking with your local government office to see what’s available in your area.

Check with your insurance company

If you have homeowners insurance, there’s a chance that your policy will cover at least part of the cost of tree removal. It’s worth giving your insurance company a call to find out what coverage you have. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost, it may help to offset some of the expense.

Look for discounts

Many tree removal companies offer discounts to seniors. These discounts can range from a percentage off the total bill to a free estimate. It’s definitely worth asking about any available discounts when you’re getting quotes from different companies.

Get multiple quotes

When you’re looking for tree removal services, it’s important to get multiple quotes before choosing a company. This will help you ensure that you’re getting the best possible price for the job. Comparission shopping makes perfect sense, especially when it comes to something as expensive as tree removal.

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