Maintaining your home is very important because this may prevent you from possible tragedies and accidents in your home. In order to make this happen, acquiring or having the right tools and materials for home repair is needed.

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There are several stores where you can buy the necessary tools for home improvement, like Walters Wholesale. Buying the right tools to carry out your projects will save you time and money. Below are a list of some essential tools needed and their purpose for home repairs.


This tool is designed to manually dive nails and other fastener materials into softer materials such as drywall or wood. It is used for carpentry, framing, upholstering, bending or shaping metal. There are different kinds of hammers designed according to their intended purpose because using a hammer that isn’t intended for the task may cause possible injury or damage to the work surface.


– Claw and Framing Hammer – best for prying, woodworking, framing, splitting, small demolition and finishing

– Dead Blow Hammer – used for setting joints, installing floor boards and automotive applications

– Engineering and Drilling Hammers – for shaping and forging metal, driving and punching and chiselling

– Ball Peen Hammer – best for rounding edges, punching and riveting and rounding edges

– Chipping and Riveting Hammers – for mining, construction, manufacturing and welding

– Mallets – used for fitting wooden parts, shaping metal and plasterboard

– Sledge Hammer – for breaking stone, demolition and driving stakes

– Soft Face and Split Head Hammers – used for crafting, metal forming and machining


This is fundamental in a workshop and toolbox for expert carpenters, woodworkers, and home repair enthusiasts.


– Basic Hand Saw – ideal for cutting large pieces of timber and woodworking

– Pull Saw – or dovetail is used to cut joining wood and kerfs when using plastic

– Coping Saw – similar to fret saw that can cut tight curves for precision in moulding installations

– Wallboard Saw – it precisely cuts sheetrock and drywall

– Hacksaw – this is one of the versatile tools that can cut pipes, steel rods, conduit, PVC, metal, bolts and cast iron

– Rip Saw – this is an all-purpose tool for woodworking to make rough cuts

– Fret Saw – for cutting thick wood or panelling material

– Keyhole Saw – cuts small shapes in traced out drywall, plywood and wood


These are multi-purpose hand tools with opposing jaws for gripping, cutting and bending. Its metal limbs provide formidable leverage when used. This is an essential part of every toolbox. Pliers have other varieties to cater for a specific task. Also, choosing the right tool for the job will improve safety and efficiency.


– Needle Nose Pliers – also called radio pliers that are handy for working with tiny knots and washers

– Slip Joint Pliers – used to grip securely objects ranging in thickness

– Linesman Pliers – are used for cutting and twisting wires to connect un- electrified bells

– Water Pump Pliers – these tools are used for gripping pipes

– Locking Pliers – these are designed to be used as a clamp or handheld vice that locks firmly

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This versatile and dependable tool can be used for everything from assembling a deck to hanging things on the wall. It is an essential tool for electricians because it helps make accurate and clean holes in walls or surfaces. Also, it is used to drive screws and bolts.


– Can be used to drive screws and bolts into walls or other surfaces

– It is a portable tool for tight spaces

– Easy to use and does not require much strength or coordination

– A safe tool that does not produce sparks or heat

– Can be used to remove screws and bolts from walls and other surfaces

– A versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks

– Can create accurate holes without damaging the surface


These tools help homeowners to solve complex problems as efficiently as possible. Below are some examples of the tools needed for DIY plumbing.


– Pipe Wrench – provides tremendous grip

– Basin Wrench – specialized tool for work on faucets

– Faucet Valve Wrench – a proper tool to use to help install a new seal

– Adjustable Key Wrench – an adjustable wrench for holding and turning pipes

– Hacksaw – used for cutting fasteners, metal bars and rods

– Plungers – to clear clogs in toilets

– Drain Auger – used to clear more extensive lines

– Goggles – used for safety

– Gloves – will protect your hands and help you keep a better grip when pipes are wet

– Heat Pads – to prevent heat damage on property and any fire that may occur

– Metal File – used to smooth down any rough edges once the pipe is cut


Electric tools offer a wide range of benefits, such as consistency and producing accurate results. Using these power tools means you can tackle DIY projects with ease because these items make work become quicker, more convenient and simpler.


– Linesman Pliers – for gripping, bending and cutting wire and cable

– Long Nose Pliers – for cutting, bending and repositioning a wire

– Hammer – used for breaking things and driving nails in

– Allen wrenches – used to turn bolts and screws having hexagon sockets

– Wire Stripper – used to strip the electrical insulation from electrical wires

– Side Cutting Pliers – are to cut the wire and substitute for a set of pliers

– Magnifier – used to examine small or finely detailed things such as fine prints and stamps

– Electrical Tape – used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity

– Signal Generator – used in repairing, troubleshooting, designing and testing.


Paint will help protect exterior and interior surfaces from inclement weather, ice, snow, and sun and may cover stains and permanent marks. Also, it keeps the dust and dirt at a minimum. It will also reduce the odours and fumes and promote healthy indoor air quality for you and your family. This will create and enhance the appeal of your walls and the exterior of your home.


Clamps are the tools that serve to hold work securely in place temporarily. It is also used for many applications such as carpentry, woodworking and furniture making because it fastens objects together and secures them, so they will not move or separate.


– C-clamp – used for carpentry, welding and cutting

– Bar Clamp – for woodwork, for holding edges when glueing

– Hand Screw Clamp – used to hold small pieces or in furniture repairs

Acquiring home repair tools in a house is very important and beneficial because it will save you a lot of money and may help you repair the damage immediately, which is time-saving.


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