How to turn your bathroom into a home spa – Handyman tips


COVID19 has really highlighted the importance of emphasizing health and wellness.  It’s also highlighted the benefits of having facilities like home gyms and spas.  They’re both more convenient and more private.  What’s more, they generally work out more economical in the long run.

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With that in mind, here are some tips on how to turn your bathroom into a home spa from Steam Shower Store.

Put together a design and budget

You need to start with a clear idea of what your dream home spa will look like.  That’s the only way to create a realistic plan to make it happen.  If you have the budget, you could do a one-off bathroom refurbishment.  This is certainly the way to get quick results.  It can, however, be a lot more practical to upgrade your bathroom in stages. If you are planning incremental upgrades, it’s vital that you do them with an end plan in mind.  That way each stage will ultimately form part of a cohesive whole.  If you try just working it out as you go along, you risk ending up with a total hot mess.  At a minimum, you can expect parts of your home spa to jar with each other. Also, working to a plan can help you maximize your results at each stage.  For example, you could start by working on small upgrades that can make a big difference.  Then work your way up to any bigger upgrades you have planned.

Decide if you have space for a bath

The height of luxury is having a whirlpool bath plus a separate hydrotherapy steam shower.  This does, however, require a fairly large bathroom.  Your next best option is a whirlpool bath with an integrated hydrotherapy steam shower.  This gives you the functionality of both appliances but shrinks their footprint. Some bathrooms, however, are just too small for a bath.  It’s great if you can “steal” a bit of space from somewhere else to make them bigger.  In the real world, however, there can be too many demands on space for this to be justified.  The good news is that showers have significantly improved over recent years.

Shower cabins have changed the shower game. Firstly, they eliminate the need for tiling (so no more scrubbing away mold).  Secondly, they can include all kinds of health and wellness options.  The headline attractions are hydrotherapy and steam (with essential oils if you wish).  Other ones include radios, Bluetooth connectivity, and chromotherapy (i.e. colored) lights. Honestly, you’re not going to get the benefit of just lying back and drifting off the way you do with a bath, especially a whirlpool bath.  On the other hand, you do still get plenty of health and wellness options.  You also get much more control over the flow of the water (and its temperature).  That means it is now possible for showers to be genuinely relaxing.

Pick a color scheme

Probably for most people, changing out your appliances is a fairly major step you’ll work towards.  Color, however, can be much easier to change.  Unless you’re really confident, it’s generally best to stick to neutral-colored appliances.  These are investment pieces and neutral colors tend to have the most longevity. For the rest of the space, however, you can set your own rules.  Sticking mainly to neutrals is the safest option.  It can also be the most relaxing.  Keep in mind, however, that there is a difference between “neutral” and “white”.  All-white bathrooms can be quite polarizing.  Some people see them as beautifully serene, others see them as looking like hospital bathrooms. If you’re in the latter group, you still have plenty of options.  If you want to maximize the feeling of space, then try white with a hint of color in it.  Alternatively, try a crisp white but add color in other ways.  Another possibility would be to embrace the small size of most bathrooms and go for dark colors to make the space feel cozy.

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Bring in at least one wall mirror

If you’re aiming to maximize light in your bathroom, then mirrors are an easy and fairly affordable way to do so.  Even if you’re not, it’s generally still worthwhile having at least one mirror in your bathroom.  Mirrors in a bathroom are like jewelry on an outfit.  They might not be necessary but they make everything look put together. The key point is to choose the right mirror for your space.  Generally, you want to stick with proper bathroom mirrors.  These are designed to cope with the heat (and cold) and humidity of bathrooms.  They are available in a huge range of styles so there’s sure to be an option to suit your space.

Invest in towels, tools, and products

Go to any reputable spa and you are guaranteed to find high-quality towels, tools, and products.  What’s more, you’ll find them attractively presented.  Following this example can really help to give your bathroom that home spa vibe even on a tight budget. Invest in towels and tools because they are going to last you over the long term.  If your budget is tight, however, then do your research on drug-store products.  Realistically, they are highly unlikely to be as good as their premium counterparts.  Some of them, however, come impressively close for literally a fraction of the price. The trick is to repackage basic products to give them a premium look.  You can buy all kinds of attractive, reusable containers at very reasonable prices.  They don’t even necessarily have to be intended for the bathroom.  For example, if you have limited counter space, you could put an attractive cake stand on it to create extra vertical storage.

Upgrade your accessories

If you’re on a tight budget, then start with small accessories and change them out a bit at a time.  You don’t need to have everything matching.  You just need it to be cohesive.  It really is worth saving up for premium faucets.  On a sink, they can make everyday activities more straightforward.  On a bath, they can look spectacular. If you’re really going for that premium spa look, then consider a waterfall tap.  These let you appreciate the beauty of the water as it flows into the basin.  If you only have a shower, then you can put one on your regular sink.  It is, however, even better if you can put one on a bath.  Then watching your bath fill can be almost as enjoyable as soaking in it.


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