How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom


Are you tired of seeing the same colors in your bathroom? Do you feel like your bathroom experience could be a lot better if you could be able to give your bathroom that five star look you’ve been yearning for? Then you are fully justified to  want to make the swap.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom

Essentially, we spend about half of our lives in the bathroom, so it’s only natural to want to make sure that the place we spend so much time is appealing to us. Now, you might be confused on where to start seeing that in most of the social media posts they just give you the before and after. Well, we are here just for. We will give you a breakdown on how to go about it. Let’s get into it.

1. Start with the Floor

The floor is both the hardest and simplest part. On one hand, you can easily remove the entire flooring, tiles and re-do them again. Thai is the hardest part. If you are not sure what you are doing, just call a specialist to help you. If you feel like you need to replace the tiles with new ones or some other form of tiling, be sure to be aware of the design parameters you want and that you have an entire plan of the floor before you start.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - floor

You also want to make sure that you get all the needed materials and check their functioning and compatibility before making a mess and ruining the whole bathroom floor makeover. If you feel that you can do the entire floor alone but just need someone to oversee the whole thing, then don’t be shy to ask for help. Just make sure that you have another bathroom your household can use while you work on that one.

2. Redo the Walls

The walls can be done the same way as the floor. You can choose to simply re-paint the walls or do a completely new wall altogether. The latter involves tearing the wall down and rebuilding it into the design you want. During the tearing, you might want to be careful as you may end up wrecking the piping in the bathroom. This can easily be fixed by getting a piping supply from a trusted source.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - wall

Things that were initially in the wall such as mirrors and adjacent sinks should be removed to make work easier and allow you to work on a better plan. The wall storages need to be brought down as well. Since you are redoing the whole wall, why keep old storages? For the wall, You want to give it  a cool but lively appearance. If you will be installing new tiles, choose an elegant design altogether.

3. Add a Wet Area

If you want to keep your bathroom moisture free, create a wet area, where you’ll install new showers and a bathtub if necessary. A glass separator will do just fine. This way, you keep the toilet area moisture free and create more room for two people t o use the bathroom. All you need to ensure is that the glass separator is translucent.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - wet area

4. Think Sinks with Under Storages

Rather than having multiple storages in the bathroom, you can have a larger one instead. Simply install a bigger sink area, and use the room below it to create a big storage area. All you need is to make a built-in storage cabinet under the sink area and add some drawers. A unique wall-papaer can be used to make the drawers more authentic. Alternatively, you can paint them to a contrasting color of the wall.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - sinks

5. Change the Lighting

Lighting plays a bigger role in how a room looks, and this must be taken into account with the new bathroom. Get new overhead lighting and some wall LEDs. The latter can be used in alternative to the overhead lighting. It’ll give the room a calming effect and will make you want to enjoy your time in the bathroom.
How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - lighting

6. Add Some Finishing Touches

Whether you love plants or not, you will be amazed at how it makes your bathroom stand out. Plastic flowers are the best to add as they do not require so much attention, and you won’t worry about the plant dying.

How to Remodel Your Home Bathroom - finishing touches

Plants will make your room lively and elegant. Just remember that the size depends on the bathroom size. If you have more room, get creative. Do rug shopping in the local stores until you get the one that matches your design needs.

The Bottom Line

Bathroom remodeling will take up much of your time, but it’ll be worth the money and time spent. And most importantly, don’t just let the bathroom look nice, let it smell fresh and nice. Pick up some essential oils and sprays, your bathroom will always smell heavenly.  Have Fun!


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