How to Prolong Your Roof’s Life – Handyman tips


Your roof is as important as your foundation – especially when you remember that a lot of energy is lost through a badly-built roof. Since repairing a roof can be costly, while replacing a roof is a big investment, it’s important to prolong the life of your roof as much as you can.

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Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to improve the longevity of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Just like with all other things – maintenance is key. This doesn’t refer to just cleaning the roof (which we’ll cover later). According to All Climate Roofing, roof maintenance in Ventura County, maintenance includes waterproofing, unclogging drains, replacing broken shingles, repairing wind damage, and caulking openings. Here’s how these different things affect your roof. If you don’t unclog roof drains, water will build up in them, eventually breaking through your roof into your home. This doesn’t refer to the gutter but the valleys where two parts of the roof meet. The valleys usually get clogged by leaves and branches.

Broken shingles let water through, which can lead to a serious leak. In case you don’t know how to replace shingles on your own, call a professional to replace them. Wind damage can actually be very serious – strong winds can displace shingles. Flat shingles can be bent, or they can start to peel off. Roof openings have to be caulked just like it’s done with windows; otherwise, water could break through. All of these things need to be checked during regular maintenance.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

Cleaning your roof three times a year isn’t too difficult, but it can make quite a difference in your wallet. The roof is usually not that dirty – you’ll likely have to get rid of branches, leaves, and other debris brought in by the wind. To ensure that a tree doesn’t pop out a shingle (or shingles) with a branch, cut all branches that are too long and reach out into the roof. You can also clean your roof from the inside during the winter, which is especially important for ice dams. During the winter, temperatures will drop drastically, and water can easily freeze on your roof. This creates ice dams that will melt in the spring, and that water can leak into your home. To clean ice dams from the inside, either brush the snow off the roof or install insulation so the water on the roof will melt immediately.

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Get a Roof Inspection

You don’t have to get roof inspections often – they’re detailed inspections carried out by professionals. Getting a roof inspection once a year is more than enough. In some cases, it may actually be required by the bank lending you your mortgage that you keep the home in great condition, which includes getting a regular roof inspection. So, what does a roof inspection entail? The professionals will inspect the connections between the chimney, the gutter, the solar panels, and the roof. The metals encasing the valleys between the roofs are also checked. The roof is also checked from the inside, not only for leaks and wood damage but the isolation too. The underlayment has to be checked as well. One of the most important things is checking the flashing of the roof. The flashing is the material that prevents the water from leaking into your home – this is an extremely important part of your roof.

Can I Inspect the Roof On My Own?

You can inspect the roof yourself, but it’s important to point out that this job isn’t safe for amateurs. Professionals usually have equipment that prevents them from falling down the roof, not to mention that they have years of experience, which is why falls rarely occur. When inspecting a roof, you need to check the same things a professional would check.

How Long Does a Roof Last

Depending on the materials used to cover the roof and how well you’re taking care of it, your roof could last up to 50 years before needing replacing. The underlayment (flashing) is also important. Even if your shingles are fine, low-quality underlayment could let water through, damaging your roof and shortening its life. The quality of construction is also very important, so you should hire a reputable company when building the roof. Ventilation and the slope are also important, while the color can be important too in sunny climates.


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