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Pests can cause damage to a home and are also a health hazard. Preparing a house for pest control services makes treatment more effective and speeds up the process. Finding a professional “termite and pest control near me” service can help get rid of unwanted crawly, creepy houseguests quickly and effectively.

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Here are tips to prepare a house for termite and pest control.

Clean Up

Cleaning up should be the first step in preparing a home for termite and pest control. Cleaning helps eliminate hiding places, visible pests, and nests as possible. Scrub kitchen surfaces and the floor to get rid of food crumbs. Move items like dirty dishes, trash, and laundry that may cause accidents or obstructions during treatment. The termite and pest control company will easily apply treatment to banish the bugs with items out of the way. There will also be less likelihood of pests sneaking into the home when there is no cutter and food stowed away.

Protect or Remove Food and Other Essential Items

Before treatment, remove hygiene products, food, and medicine, even if they’re not yet opened. Store away curtains, bedding, and clothes and relocate plants. Homeowners who don’t want to remove items from home can use Nylofume bags to protect them adequately.

Move Furniture

Moving furniture helps exterminators apply treatment in pests’ hideouts, especially when eliminating termites. The treatment process becomes faster and more effective when furniture is out of the way. Vacuuming underneath the furniture can eliminate spaces that attract pests to lay their eggs.

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Unplug Electrical Appliances

Unplug electrical appliances before the fumigation process starts to avoid accidents. Homeowners should also turn off security systems to allow the pest control company to enter the house without interference once every house member has left. Leave keys behind for the exterminator to look up the home after they are done.

Arrange for Somewhere to Stay

Depending on the severity of pest infestation, homeowners may have to stay out of the property for several hours or days until the fumigation is completed. Pest control companies sometimes use chemicals that can harm humans and pets. Professional fumigators usually advise homeowners on how much time to spend away and the health risks they may face if they enter too early. Talk to the pest control company ahead of time to know the schedule of events. Pets and also house plants should be out of the house. Don’t enter the house until the company has given the go-ahead for re-entry.

Find the Best Company for Termite and Pest Control Near Me

Identify a company that offers “termites and pest control near me” that can eliminate those pesky annoyances and offer preventative measures to keep them from coming back. Find out the years they have been offering their services to know if they are reliable. The technician performing the services should be licensed and certified as it shows they have the necessary training to offer quality services. Follow the instructions if the fumigator requests certain things to be done before and during pesticide application.


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