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Using different building materials for your home can create a stunning visual contrast. You can make a space look more elegant and well-designed. Plus, the variations create a unique character that brings out the identity of your chosen interior design style.

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Perforated metal sheets are versatile materials. They come in different patterns to suit various architectural design details. The following projects allow you to mix perforated metal sheets with other building materials, such as wood, galvanized steel, and concrete.

1. Metal Staircase

A metal staircase is a popular feature in modern industrial and contemporary homes. They’re often made with galvanized steel stringers and hardwood treads. To make these stairs more sophisticated, you may use a perforated metal sheet as treads and risers. Perforated metal sheets allow light to pass through their cuts and holes. This feature makes a limited space look more extensive, especially if you paint it white. You may also use a glass railing to complete the modern look. A prefabricated perforated sheet metal staircase is a perfect choice for minimalist interiors. One large sheet is folded in the factory and delivered as a whole. Then, you can install it as a single-stringer staircase, using one galvanized steel beam as support.

2. Balustrades

Perforated metal sheets are a suitable material for balustrades in contemporary interiors. You can mix it with hardwood as the sub posts to create the perfect contrast between warm and cool tones. Wood and perforated metal sheet railings are perfect for indoor and outdoor installations. You can use them on the balcony or deck. It provides safety while keeping your home’s design elegant. Another advantage of using a perforated metal sheet with hardwood is durability. These two materials are some of the strongest construction materials. They’re long-lasting and weather-resistant.

3. Display Shelves

Sheet metals are perfect for built-in display shelves due to their durability and sleek design. Unlike wood, they don’t have to be thick to carry a heavy load. The structure of perforated metal sheets makes it stronger. You can use a perforated metal sheet with galvanized steel framing to maintain a modern industrial look. Otherwise, you can install it with brackets when attached to a wall cavity. You can also render the background wall concrete to make the shelves and displayed items stand out.

4. Interior Feature Wall

Perforated metal sheets are a robust construction material. However, they’re also perfect for decorating your home interior. A perforated metal sheet feature wall on concrete, wood, or painted drywall is a good example. A feature wall draws your attention to the space as it can make it look more creative and inviting. Installing a perforated metal sheet on a wooden or concrete wall is a great idea to add texture to your interior design. You can paint it with a neutral color to maintain a minimalist look or a vibrant one to make the wall pop. Moreover, adding a feature wall using a perforated metal sheet makes a space look unique. The pattern and textures create a perfect backdrop for other decorative elements like paintings, posters, and hanging plants.

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5. Room Dividers

Room dividers are a perfect solution to provide privacy in an open space without enclosing a room. It creates a visual boundary between each living area while keeping the interior free of obstructive walls. Creating room dividers using perforated sheet metal and galvanized steel or hardwood framing is a sleek feature you can add to your contemporary home. You can paint them white to reflect light while making a space more private. It’s also best to use sheet metal with smaller holes to let the light pass without compromising privacy. Furthermore, you can purchase a customized prefab perforated sheet metal. You may search for a supplier that allows complete customization to fit your imagined design.

6. Window Screen Shades

One distinguishing feature of modern homes is the floor-to-ceiling windows. While these features are perfect for maximizing natural light, they can compromise privacy. Plus, too much heat from the sun can penetrate the windows and increase your cooling costs. Installing perforated sheet metal window screens can help solve this issue. You may use stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum as framing. You may install them as a second layer of windows to protect your home from extreme heat. Painting it white is ideal for reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it.

7. Façade Detailing

Perforated sheet metal is a popular material in façades of modern and contemporary homes. It goes well with other building materials like timber and concrete, creating a unique contrast while maintaining the visual balance. When the façade of a building has a unique texture, it becomes more elegant and eye-catching. You can achieve these features by adding a layer of a perforated metal sheet as an accent cladding onto a concrete exterior wall.


Perforated sheet metal can blend seamlessly with other building materials, as discussed above. Depending on the design and function, it can be an eye-catcher or a perfect background. On top of these benefits, it’s also a highly durable and long-lasting material that will surely enhance the quality of your projects.


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