How to make a family function more memorable


There’s always a reason to gather the family and celebrate something special. And sometimes, it’s the kind of occasion that calls for something a little more memorable and meaningful than usual.

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Here are a few helpful hacks, hints, and tips to make the next family function more special.

Unique leaving gifts can mean the world to your guest 

With the right parting gift, a family event can really feel special and stand out in the mind of your guest for years to come. Companies like Hello Canvas offer print canvas items for funny pictures, treasured memories, and anything in between! In a range of sizes and shapes, these are the ultimate gift to give out to your visiting family members.

Seating is always a problem 

There are never enough seats at family functions, and it can become awkward at times. Chances are that no one will ever mention it to you, but they’ll either stand awkwardly for the duration of the evening or sit on a chair and refuse to move out of fear of losing their place. No matter where you meet up to celebrate this event, always make sure there’s ample seating. You’ll be shocked at how much more intimate and friendly it makes the atmosphere.

Watch out for valuables that are easily knocked over 

Every family has that lovable but hyperactive young one who just loves to race around the house like an adorable tornado. But if you’re booking a nice venue or having it at home, you need to keep an eye out for any valuables that could be knocked over and broken.

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Try to have indoor and outdoor spaces

A lot of family members in one small room are just asking for a disaster. Yes, you love them dearly, but as we all know, sometimes you need a little more space when the entire clan is gathering for an event. If you’re booking a venue or hosting in your own home, try and accommodate outside spaces for the benefit of those who don’t want to feel too cooped up all evening.

Dig out some old family footage 

A memorable family gathering needs to have some embarrassing moments from the past and heartwarming memories to remind you all of just how important family is. There are holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other pivotal events that have been recorded and documented over the decades, so it’s time to dust them off and take a trip down memory lane.

But try and avoid digging up the past 

While that trip down memory lane will make some family members feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it can also bring new life to old grudges and past family squabbles. There’s a tightrope that needs to be walked here. But if you’re able to laugh off the odd snide comment, and turn off that footage before people start to dig up old graves, you’ll find the atmosphere remaining jubilant and calm for all parties involved!


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