How to make a closet yourself


Many people are faced with the problem of not having enough furniture to store things at home. Furniture in stores is often very expensive and at the same time a person may not like it in terms of quality and appearance. A closet can be made at home with your own hands if you know the rules for manufacturing and assembly.


In 2022, it became popular to maintain accounts on social networks where builders or designers publish photos of rooms with their work. If you master the technique of making furniture, then you can also become a well-known and sought-after specialist. At first, you will need to buy Instagram followers in order to gain the first audience and further work for your potential customers. Today we will tell you about the main stages of this process and teach you how to equip a house yourself.

Preparatory stage

The most important step is design. The functionality of the closet, its convenience and service life depend on this. First of all, you need to calculate the size of the future closet, depending on where it will be located. Try to reflect all dimensions in the drawing: height, width, depth, number of shelves and the distance between them, the presence of a hanger rod and the height at which it will be attached.

If you don’t know how to make the most functional furniture that holds a lot of things, then look at the social media accounts of furniture stores or designers. Now it is very popular to post photos of beautiful interiors with stylish and comfortable furniture on Instagram. If you are looking for information about home improvement, then you have probably even seen such posts, because the authors usually buy real Instagram followers and due to this they quickly get into recommendations to the target audience. When you learn how to design and make furniture, then you too can follow this path and monetize your work with the help of social networks.

DIY closet

Manufacturing stage

When the drawing is completely ready and all the details are reflected, you can start sawing the parts. However, if you are not sure of your competence, then it is better to turn to those who are good at doing this. You can order a sawing chipboard in the store where you will make a purchase. It won’t cost much because you’ll do the rest of the work yourself. To connect the finished closet parts, you need to buy fittings. We recommend that you do not save on this because it will be very convenient if the doors open and close smoothly. Moreover, high-quality and comfortable fittings will be in good condition for much longer and will not break.

Assembly step

You will need the following tools for assembly:

First you need to take a drill and drill holes. Try to do it carefully and symmetrically so as not to leave visible damage that will be noticeable after assembly. Please note that any unevenness in the floor or walls will affect how the doors fit — there may be gaps in them. Adjust this and secure the doors. In order not to make a mistake while screwing the shelves, immediately mark up where they should be. This must be done as accurately as possible, otherwise the shelves will turn out to be crooked. Next, screw the shelves, put the fittings and check how everything works. If everything is in order, then you can put plugs on the screws. Voila, your closet is ready!


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