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During the cold months, you may occasionally get a surprise visitor in your garage. Mice are common in many homes, particularly those near farms and areas of open vegetation. This increases as mice are more likely to enter houses during the winter to seek warmth, food, and shelter – and your garage is an ideal location.

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If you’re wondering how to keep mice out of your garage, there are a few key things you can do.

Why Are There Mice In My Garage?

Mice and rats have coexisted with humans for a long time because our homes offer them great protection from the weather and predators. When it gets cold, small mammals like mice search for shelter to try to warm their tiny bodies. With less foot traffic, your garage is an ideal target for mice. They like to live in areas where they won’t be disturbed, and any gaps in your home’s foundation will let them in. Plus, they can eat the things we normally keep in our garages, like grass, fertilizer, or birdseed. Once they’re in, they can be hard to get rid of without the help of a professional. So, it’s best to take some preventative measures to keep them out in the first place.

Signs of Mice In Garage

Mice eat at night to keep their little bodies warm and fuel their tiny metabolisms, and they prefer to live in groups. As a result, if you don’t see any mice in your garage, you may find clusters of droppings in the corners. Mouse droppings are dark brown or black in color and resemble rice grains. You could observe heaps of droppings around the perimeter of your garage. You’re unlikely to discover mice running throughout the middle of your garage, either.

Here’s another sign that you may have a rodent problem: Check your bags of edible items for tears or openings. A mouse will eat anything, including dog food, cat food, and birdseed. So if there’s a bag in the way, they’ll nibble and tear through it to get to the food. You might also notice grease marks on the walls or baseboards. Mice are very slim, so they can fit into tiny spaces. When they enter and exit your garage, their fur rubs off on the edges of the doorways, leaving greasy stains behind.

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How To Keep Mice Out Of Garage

So, what can you do to keep mice out of your garage? To make it more difficult for them to get in, you must eliminate any elements that make the garage a safe place for them. Making it less likely for mice to enter will go a long way.

  • Examine your garage door for completeness and tightness. Hire a professional to come out and inspect the situation. The experts at Garage Door Repair Arvada CO can help you with this task.
  • To remove possible hiding places, especially along walls and corners, remove and reduce clutter.
  • Keep cat food, dog food, or birdseed in sealed plastic bins or containers; mice can easily rip through bags.
  • Mice should be kept out of trash cans by keeping them closed tightly and avoiding placing them in the garage.
  • Check your walls for any entry points, especially near where pipes or cables enter the house. Seal up these gaps completely; mice can fit through a hole as small as a dime!
  • You should also set up a pest control plan with a professional. This will help to keep mice (and other pests) out of your garage for good!

If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep mice out of your garage and prevent them from coming back. If you have any questions or need help getting rid of mice in your garage, you can always contact a professional.


Making your garage uninviting to mice will go a long way in keeping them out. Mice are skilled at hiding and avoiding potential dangers and predators, so just because you can’t see them doesn’t imply they aren’t there. Call a professional for assistance if you’re having difficulties closing your garage door against mice. Take these steps to ensure your garage is mouse-free all winter!


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