How To Improve Your Company’s Security and Efficiency


Operational efficiency and business security are two essential functions of corporate management. Start-ups field individual tasks until they become established processes, providing them with a competitive edge over other businesses. Businesses need to put in place robust security measures safeguarding tangible and non-tangible assets to maintain their status at whatever growth levels they are at. Business efficiency is closely connected, and incorporating both functions in your organizational goals can be a good idea.

How To Improve Your Company's Security and Efficiency
Here are a few tips to improve your company’s security and efficiency.

Automate your processes

Managing complex business processes has become easier in today’s digital business world. Companies of all sizes can rely on automation to improve their business operations and repetitive tasks. Previously, businesses had to make do with human actions regardless of the difficulty level of operations. Often, this led to inefficient and wasteful business outcomes. Today’s business can leverage advanced data analytics to improve workflow automation, reducing the reliance on human interaction. Businesses can also connect robots to their business systems to enhance productivity. Robotic process management for businesses is rapidly increasing in adoption. Statista predicts the RPA market to reach $13 billion by 2030, growing from its current $2 billion value.

Network your systems

Employee thefts cost U.S. businesses over $50 billion dollars each year. Losing money to thefts is intolerable, especially in today’s COVID-19 era where many businesses are leaping from one financial struggle to another. Various methods exist for property managers and business owners to safeguard their assets, one of which is access control systems. They help you track and determine who enters and leaves your business or look at security cameras to monitor activities. Often, businesses install multiple cameras at vantage points; however, it’s sometimes easy to forget the specific places you installed them. Networking these security resources can be a better way to manage them rather than leaving them to function independently of each other. In fact, modern platforms like Swiftlane can help you manage different security methods from touchless entry to face-to-face recognition solutions without any friction. Swiftlane can also connect to your cybersecurity solutions to ensure both tangible and non-tangible assets are safe.

How To Improve Your Company's Security and Efficiency - security

Try to organize daily meetings

How you start your day as a business can go a long way to determine how you move from hour to hour, focusing on churning significant business value. Having daily meetings is a great way to start your business day right. Doing that puts all your employees on the same page regarding your business needs to call the day a success. Many project managers use this strategy to maintain alignment among team members, ensuring everyone works with the overarching organizational goal in mind, be it concerning data management or timekeeping.

Reserve hours for deep work

Distractions at the workplace are almost unavoidable, not because your workers are inefficient but because humans aren’t built to work with the same energy level for extended periods. After some hours, the energy dips. That’s when many workers mark time by checking what’s new on Twitter and what other tired friends are saying on social media. Business leaders can do very little about how their employees are built, but there are ways to work around it. Often, the day’s main task drags, spanning the whole day while employees could have deeply focused and finished off individual tasks in less time. Reserving sacred hours for deep work can be a great way to meet deadlines and put your employees’ efforts into optimal use.

All in all, understanding the behavior of people in your organization and focusing on their strengths and weaknesses can help you manage them efficiently. The bottom line here is that there’s a thin line between efficiency and security. As you go about your daily duties ramping up business outcomes, ensure that thefts and other safety issues that hamper productivity remain at the barest minimum.


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