How To Fix Common Sprinkler Problems


Many disregard how helpful sprinkler systems actually are in keeping front lawns in optimal condition. Unfortunately, if they perform poorly due to improper care or negligence, they could damage your beautiful landscapes severely. Taking care of your sprinkler systems means taking care of your lawn, especially if you live in beautiful suburban areas in Toronto, like Etobicoke or Oakville, where the landscapes play a big part in boosting curb appeal.

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The following guide will help you with several of the most common sprinkler problems to consider and how to fix them.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Obstruction in the sprinkler heads will lead to poor watering performance. If the water doesn’t come out or comes out uneven, the sprinkler heads or the screens may be blocked by debris, like twigs, grass, and dirt. The good news is that you can easily remove them from your sprinkler heads. Use a stiff wire or hard-bristled toothbrush to clear the holes for partial clogs. However, if the heads are entirely clogged, you must remove and disassemble them. Rinse with water and clean with a brush to eliminate debris. Make sure that you also clear out the sleeve from any obstructions before placing the sprinkler heads back.

Incorrect Sprinkler Head Height

Sprinkler head height should be the first thing you check if you notice that your system isn’t working correctly. This issue might not seem like a problem until you see that parts of your lawn aren’t getting water like the rest. A sprinkler head that’s too high might miss some areas, leading to lawn damage over time. On the other hand, being too low will create a pool of water that could damage your sprinkler or cause broken pipes. Fortunately, you can easily set your sprinkler heads in the correct position to avoid such problems. Once you install them, do check regularly. You never know. Children or pets running on the lawn or your mower could accidentally move the sprinkler heads.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a significant issue that affects a sprinkler head’s performance and coverage. This issue could be caused by clogs, faulty sprinkler heads, broken pipes, and damaged valves. If you find a problem beyond your control, you must call the professionals today to take care of it. Otherwise, clean or replace it if it’s debris or a defective head.


Using Too Much Water

Overwatering is a significant problem for any lawn. One of the potential causes for it is still using outdated sprinkler systems that aren’t regulating water as the newer ones. For that, you need to contact any Toronto sprinkler services to hook you up with a new system that uses water more efficiently.

Sprinkler Pump Buzzing

A buzzing sound is usually a bad sign that indicates a problem with your sprinkler’s relay system or the magnetic switch that activates the entire system. Fortunately, the static-like buzzing noise is distinctive, so you’ll know when to call the professionals for a replacement.

Support Your Sprinkler Systems

Think of sprinkler systems as your partner in ensuring that your landscape thrives all year. Support them by knowing all the signs of problems and doing the essential maintenance practices so that they can perform well and better care of your lawn.


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