How to Design the Best Living Room for Your Show Home


We are all aware that the living room is one of the most used spaces in any home, and as such, it has to be designed and decorated with care. If you are decorating a show home, this is truer than most – you have to design it so that anyone who sees it and looks at it can picture themselves relaxing in it – so you have to incorporate the design elements that most people will appreciate. In addition, your living area has to have the right blend of comfort and functionality, and it also has to look great! Combining these three most important aspects that make up a living area can be a real challenge – but fortunately, we’ve got some ideas that may be just what you need.

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Read on to find out how to design the best living room for your show home today.

A mixture of materials and lines

One way to add depth and character to your living area is to combine a mixture of materials and lines. What this means is to be creative – for example, if you choose a sofa and other furniture, go for the ones with clean lines that make for a polished look, and combine it with materials of different types, such as a rattan table, a coffee table with a live edge, and more – all of which contribute to a laid-back, casual, and all-natural appeal. It helps you create balance, and the area can look both formal and casual at the same time.

Say it with plants and trees

If you want to add personality to a show home living area, you can do so simply and effectively by adding plants and trees, as confirmed by showhome interior design specialists like Blocc. But lots of people already do that, so you can go a step further and choose plants and trees that are interesting – even quirky. Think of a miniature orange tree in your living room sprouting miniature fruit or beautiful dragon fruit with pink blossoms in the corner of a room (make sure it has plenty of natural light). Also, why not say it with a mix of topiaries of varying sizes for a windowsill? You can be as bold and colourful as you want or go the traditional route – but that pop of colour should add charm and interest to any space.

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Create a special area or zone with rugs

If you’ve got an open-plan space where the living room meets the kitchen and dining area, for example, one way to separate each area is with rugs. For instance, to separate the sitting room from the kitchen, you can place a customised sectional in an L-shape and an area rug in one place and divide the space with a diagonally-placed armchair – and voila! The two areas are cleanly and subtly separated.

Transform a space using texture

Too often, living areas tend to look dull and generic. But you can quickly transform it by using texture – you can break up a monochromatic colour scheme with some pops of colour using throw pillows, fabric, or oversized cushions on the floor, and choose a lovely light fixture to complement the space and interest viewers – such as a large paper pendant lamp. To add depth further, opt to create a beautiful gallery wall and add an indoor plant and wall-to-wall curtains.


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