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If lots of trees surround your house, you may undergo different problems after a sudden strong wind. During such times, it’s common to deal with different tree limbs. Unfortunately, dealing with tree limbs with only an axe will be not only tough but also time-crashing. In that case, having a chainsaw will help to make your tree limb cutting task easier. However, if you don’t know how to cut tree limbs with chainsaw, what to do? Well, cutting tree limbs with a chainsaw is not difficult but requires proper techniques and awareness.

cutting branch with chainsaw

That’s why we are going to talk about a step-by-step guideline in this regard. So, stay tuned by reading the whole context.

What Are The Required Tools For Cutting Tree Limbs With Chainsaw?

Before you start cutting tree limbs with the chainsaw, you will need some equipment to make the task easier. Below we have made a list of the instruments that you will be required to use.

  • Right Chainsaw: A chainsaw will ensure how effective and easy your cutting tree limbs task will be. In that case, having a limbing chainsaw from sawmaniac will be a good option to get the right product.
  • Ladder: If you need to cut limbs in the required cutting position, a ladder will help you reach the height. In that case, having a multi-position ladder will be ideal for reaching your suitable place without anyone’s help.
  • Rope: A rope will help you to prevent damaging the things under your cutting tree limb. You should use a strong rope for cutting heavy tree limbs. However, the rope has to be long enough to reach the ground from your cutting area.

Safety Gear Need To Wear When Cutting Tree Limbs With Chainsaw

Prevention is better than cure. So, you should wear all possible protective gear while working with a chainsaw. Here we have listed what safety gear you should wear when cutting tree limbs with a chainsaw.

  • Gloves: When cutting with tree limbs, chances are sharp limbs injure your hand. In that case, having a good pair of gloves will protect your hand from such injury.
  • Facemask: Cutting tree limbs will produce inevitable byproducts which will cause allergies and respiratory illness. Wearing a facemask will help to prevent entering the such product into your inhalation.
  • Eye Protection: It is not impossible that wood powder enters your eyes while cutting tree limbs with a chainsaw. Wearing goggles will keep you free from facing such problems.
  • Appropriate Footwear: Footwear plays a crucial role in protecting your foot while working with chainsaws. This is because when cutting tree limbs, pieces of limbs can injure your foot.

How to Cut Tree Limbs With A Chainsaw?

Once you have worn all the protective gear and have the right chainsaw, you can start the tree limbs cutting procedure with a chainsaw. In that case, you can check out the steps discussed below to make the tree limb cutting task easier.

Step 1: Inspect The Area

First, you should inspect the area where you have to cut tree limbs. If the place is a mess with different tree limbs, you will need to make a path so that you can reach the cutting area easily. It is equally important to choose a place to keep the cut limbs. However, if you need to climb trees to cut limbs, use a ladder to reach your suitable cutting position. Remember, while cutting trees, you should wear all the safety gear mentioned above.

Step 2: Create Knots With A Heavy Rope

After wearing the proper safety gear, climb the tree where you want to cut limbs. Use a ladder to reach the suitable height to cut tree limbs. If something stays under the tree that fallen limbs can damage, you can use a heavy rope so that the cut-off tree branches cannot get under the tree. In that case, you just have to make knots on the limb with one end of the rope and tighten the other end with another branch of the tree. If the limb is heavy enough, tie several knots to ensure the limb will not fall to the ground.

Step 3: Locate The Collar On The Limb

Once you have knotted, you have to locate the collar of the tree limb. This is because cutting the limb in the collar area will be easy with a chainsaw, which also requires the least amount of cutting effort. Typically, collars are the areas where branches grow from the main tree. You will find such areas where the bark is wider than the rest of the limb. If you find the limb collar, you can move forward to the next step.

Step 4: Start Cutting The Limb

At this step, you will need to operate the chainsaw to cut the limb. If the limb is thin, you should use a smaller power chainsaw. However, use a powerful chainsaw to cut the heavy tree limbs. Then, start cutting downwards on the limb’s collar perpendicularly to where you knotted earlier. This will help the water not settle into the cutting area, which is responsible for the rotting of trees. After the half downward of the limb, now cut the upper portion of the limb perpendicularly in the same area.

Step 5: Bring The Limb On The Ground

Once you have cut, the limb should come off the tree and hang with the rope’s support to prevent it from falling onto the ground. Now you can untie the end of the rope that you tied to another tree. Then, let the rope fall slowly so that the limb falls from the ground. At this stage, you have to make sure that there is another person on the ground to deal with the falling limb.

cutting with chainsaw

How To Cut Fallen Tree Limbs With A Chainsaw?

Sometimes you may need to cut down fallen tree limbs using a chainsaw. Typically, cutting fallen tree branches is much easier than cutting limbs by climbing a tree. In that case, you will just go through some simple steps as follows below.

  • Cut the small limbs first using the chainsaw, and keep them aside from your cutting area.
  • After that, cut the large limbs by placing the chainsaw blade on the tree’s collar.
  • You should cut both sides of the collar to do the job earlier. If you need to hold the limb tightly, put your one leg on the limb and create pressure.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Cutting Tree Limbs

Several questions may perplex your mind when planning to cut tree limbs with a chainsaw. For that, here we have talked about some frequently asked questions with explanations. We hope you will get benefits to clear out your confusion.

1.   How To Deal With An Electric Line Under the Tree Limb?

First of all, you have to turn off the electric main power to stop electricity flowing to the line under the tree limb. Then, try to move the electric line to a place that won’t be damaged even after cutting the limbs. In that case, you can use a rope to pull the electric line from the cutting limb area.

2.   Is There Any Risk In Operating A Chainsaw?

Unfortunately, if you can’t use the chainsaw properly, there is a high chance you may get injured. Research by the CDC found that more than 36,000 people are injured annually by chainsaws. However, wearing the gear mentioned earlier and using the chainsaw correctly can lessen the risk of injuries.

3.   Can I Cut Big Tree Branches With A Chainsaw?

Yes, you can utilize a chainsaw to cut big limbs from trees. Chainsaws are powerful tools that are designed with sharp cutting blades. However, you have to select the right size chainsaw to cut big limbs.


No one can deny that cutting tree limbs only with an axe will be difficult for anyone. In that case, a chainsaw can be a good alternative to an axe for cutting tree limbs with less effort. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to cut tree limbs with chainsaw.

After reading the context, we hope you have gained a good knowledge of how you can do that. Typically, following the steps discussed above, you can easily cut tree limbs with a chainsaw. However, while cutting trees, follow the steps properly and ensure you wear the right safety gear.


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