How To Choose Between Production Homes And Custom Homes


If you’re looking to move or buy your first home then you’re going to need to decide which is better for you, a production home or a custom home. It should be noted that there is no right or wrong answer. What works for one person is not the same as for another.

Production homes

You need to understand what the difference is and how to decide between production and custom homes.

The Main Differences Between Production & Custom Homes

Both of these options will give you a brand new house. However, if you choose to have a production home you will be able to select the style and layout of the home from existing blueprints. In other words, the layout of the home will be the same as the majority of houses built by the firm. You will have the right to choose the appliances that are fitted and even the flooring. However, the range of modifications is limited. It allows a personalized home to be created on a reasonable budget. In contrast, a custom home is unique. You’ll work with the designers to create the home you need, regardless of whether that is a small house or you need help with dual occupancy home designs. You will have the opportunity to control all aspects of your design and can even choose your own plot.

How To Choose

As mentioned, it’s a personal decision, but the following should help you decide:


Production homes tend to be cheaper than customs, potentially making them the better option for you. This is because they can make economies by buying in bulk for multiple houses. If your budget is tight or limited you may prefer to choose a production home.

Custom home

Room Layout

Should your needs be fairly simple you’ll probably find a production home to suit. However, if you’re looking at including an annexe for a parent or want dedicated rooms for specific functions, you may struggle to find the right layout in a production home. That means choosing a custom home is the better option.


Production homes are built in blocks. The builder will create as many as they can at the same time to reduce costs. You then order your home and may be able to choose where it is in the plots. Your choices will be limited by what the builder can offer. That means there is no guarantee you’ll be in a good area or not. In contrast, a custom home can be built wherever you want, ensuring you get the perfect location for your dream home.

Custom Houses Can Take Longer

Production houses are already in the planning process as everyone involved knows what to expect. That means any approvals needed are issued very quickly allowing the building to get started and finished. In contrast, a custom home will have unique plans that need to be approved. Creating these plans costs more and they may need to be tweaked before they are approved. It will take longer but the results are worthwhile.


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