How To Change Brake Pedal Pads – For Beginners


Brake pedals are essential in any vehicle, and they are a safety hazard if they are not functioning correctly. That is why you may want to change the pads on your brake pedals. Some people choose to change the clutch and accelerator pads at the same time, whereas others will focus on making the brake pedal the smoothest and easiest pedal in the vehicle.

How To Change Brake Pedal Pads

Whatever your preferences, it is important to follow these steps in order to change your brake pedals appropriately. Mechanical issues, such as brake pedals go to floor after changing them, should be addressed with a more experienced mechanic.

Step One: Set The Emergency Brake

The first thing to do is to set the brake in order to prevent your vehicle from rolling down a hill or off your driveway. If you live on a particularly steep incline, then it could also be useful to slide some blocks or wedges either side of one of the vehicle’s tires. This allows you to change the pedal pads without worrying about the car or truck moving.

Step Two: Remove The Existing Brake Cover

This may seem a little obvious, but you won’t be able to apply your new brake pad onto your existing pedal pad. Remove your current brake pedal cover using your fingers or a pry bar if you cannot get a good hold of the cover. This should just come off once you have your fingers around the edges. Those who want to change their other pedal covers at the same time can go in and remove the pad covers on the accelerator and clutch pedals during this step too.

Step Three: Degrease

Once you have all of the necessary pedal pads removed, you can thoroughly clean the pedals. This is a great opportunity to use degreasing products and give your pedals a scrub. Focus on the metal parts of the pedal which do not get cleaned regularly. This can be one of the most satisfying parts of the process, because it can be rewarding to see the amount of dirt and general grime that comes off. This is a combination of built up dirt from footwear and leftover residue from the previous pedal cover. When you are happy that you have cleaned everything well, it is recommended that you leave the pedals to air dry before moving on to the next step. Nothing will adhere to a wet surface, so it is definitely worth allowing a little time for this.

How To Change Brake Pedal Pads - chrome brake pads

Step Four: Boil The Brake Covers

Depending on the type of brake covers you have purchased, the type of vehicle you own, and the shape of the pedal covers, many require you to place them into a pot of boiling water ahead of time. This is so that the material is a little more flexible and easier to mold around a particular shape of pedal. Boil a large pot of water on the stovetop, and place the necessary pedal covers into the water once it has formed bubbles. Then, after leaving them to sit for a few minutes, you can remove the pedal covers using a slotted spoon, a large fork, or a ladle. Remember to be wary of the boiling water, and do not let children near the pot. Leave the pedal covers on a clean, dry towel to cool slightly and dry off for a few minutes. This will make them easier to handle and shape around your brake pedal.

Step Five: Fit To Pedal

Finally, it’s time to fit your new brake cover onto the pedal. This should be relatively straightforward, and you can take the pedal cover from the place that it was drying in, and attempt to push it onto the necessary pedal. For those who want to change all of their pedal pad covers at once, it could be worth labeling them ahead of time, or leaving them to sit in different places. This is because it is easy to lose track of each pad, and forget which pedal they correspond to. Depending on the shape of your pedal cover, and how it connects to the pedal, you can begin fitting the cover onto your brake pedal. There are many types of brake pads, and it is important that you have found the necessary fittings for your vehicle.


Make sure that you are always reading the manufacturer’s instructions when you are trying to fit your brake pedal pads, as there are some different ways that they can be connected to your pedals. Always speak with a mechanic if you have any additional concerns, and ensure that your vehicle is functioning correctly.


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