A clean garden area has so much to do with the health of your local ecosystem. And if you want your flowers to blossom and your fruit-bearing plants to produce food while saving bees and butterflies, you must learn so much about timing and doing the chore right.

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Spring cleaning is the best. Why?

As the sunshine and the warmer weather creeps in, many people become eager to pick up from what winter has left off and clear up the garden to encourage spring growth. But there is a reason people should slow down and wait until the signs of spring are fully up. You must determine for sure if it is the best time to prune the dead branches, mow the lawn, clear up the fallen leaves of autumn, and have them taken out of your property completely. You may need to wait for the signs that it is indeed time for some spring cleaning. Click here to locate a reputable skip hire to take care of your clutter.

Why wait? It’s primarily because you want to protect the pollinators and other beneficial insects along the way. Dead plant materials help protect those insects and further the food chain to support them. By waiting, you can help them emerge from the season much stronger to do their work for your spring growth. When’s the best time for spring cleaning the garden? The experts advise waiting until temperatures stay above the 50 degrees Celsius mark for at least a week. Then you can let beneficial insects emerge from their hibernation and help to make your garden bloom more beautifully than ever.

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Tips for spring cleaning the garden properly

A proper garden cleaning process should not be destructive in any way. Doing it right at the right time would help you reap all the benefits. Try the following tricks:

  • Prune with care. When you prune your trees and shrubs, always look for delicate cocoons so they can stay intact. Then, you can prune that part of your plants later in the season when it is much safer for the beneficial insects so they can grow into maturity.
  • Remove the weeds without chemicals. Using chemicals to kill the weeds adds poison to the soil. Instead, ensure you do it properly, handpicking or taking them out with a garden hoe or any suitable garden tool.
  • Rearrange and plant new crops. A good thing to do with spring cleaning is to tend to your plants in a more focused manner. First, keep them fresh by rearranging the pots and clearing up broken ones. Then, plant vegetables and herbs. You can take advantage of the weather to grow food from your garden. Alternately, you may plant flowering bulbs to beautify your space even better.

Cleaning the garden has more benefits than just keeping it looking spiffy and neat. But to gain all those benefits, you must learn to do it properly and, more importantly, at the right time.